Jewelry Bucket List Obsessions

Every jewelry collector has those "Bucket List" pieces that they are always on the search for.  Designers such as: Cartier, Harry Winston, vintage Tiffany & Co., Shreve Crump & Low and Garrard - among others - often seem to be on every jewelry addict's list.  

However, my list of 10 Jewelry Bucket List Obsessions goes even further.  These little pieces of perfect, wearable artwork that are the best possible example(s) of their genre, period, type or even a particular designer.  Read on to see the 10 antique, vintage and modern pieces that I am currently coveting (in no particular order). 

Gold Victoria Acrostic "Regard," "Adore" or "Dearest" Ring

This adorable "Dearest" Acrostic ring is available from MungosMine.  Acrostic jewelry An acrostic ring was particularly popular during the Victorian period in the 19th century.  Using the first letter of each gemstone in the piece to spell out a word such as "dearest," "adore" or "regards."

Ballerina Rings in Platinum

I have a passion for ballerina rings & have wanted one in every color of the rainbow for my personal collection.  This sapphire number available from Jewels by Grace is the epitome of class in my opinion!

Antique & Vintage Platinum Target Rings

A sample example of vintage & antique Art Deco target rings in my personal collection that I purchased from (upper left, clockwise) Cocopah Jewelry & Bead Company, E.D. Marshall Jewelers & Setterberg Jewelers.

Everything & Anything by Margery Hirschey

I love everything Margery Hirschey creates & these earrings are only one example so be sure to visit her website to see ALL the amazing jewels!

Sugarloaf Gemstone Ring

Adore this amazing French antique Art Deco Sugarloaf Emerald Ring from the Best Old Jewelry is just a dream.

Cabochon or Flat Cut Almandine Garnet Set (Ring, Earrings & Necklace)

This Georgian Almandine Flat Cut Garnet in 12 kt gold Necklace from Hawk Antiques is incredible & definitely a Jewelry Bucket List piece for me.

Antique Georgian 15ct Gold & Silver, Rose Diamond & Blue Glass Urn Ring

This Diamond Urn Memorial Ring offered by Jewels by Grace has been on my Jewelry Bucket List for ages; I adore it so!!!

Vintage Georg Jensen 18k Zephyr Pendant/Necklace

Georg Jensen (1866-1935) was a prominent Danish silversmith & jeweler who garnered international attention for his commercial application of modern metal design.  He created his first piece of jewelry in 1899 - the "Adam and Eve" belt buckle.

Hilary Fink Captured Collection 

I adore Hilary's "Captured" collection!  These earrings are just one of the amazing examples from the collection!

The Pulley by Marla Aaron

I know that I am but one of many but I still adore Marla & her poetic take on industrial jewelry design.  The Pulley in particular reminds me of the decades I was an urban Search & Rescue / Recovery (SAR) canine handler & is therefore very special to me.

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