Oh Harry...

When you grow up truly middle class, you understand that there are somethings in life that may not make the smartest "financial" sense or are not the most "responsible" choices.  Now, don't misunderstand, I had a great childhood and this is in no way a complaint!  My parents worked hard; we lived in your normal suburban neighborhood; my sisters and I went to good schools and got good grades.  We all went to college and did all the 'right things' you're taught to do growing up so that you can be decent, contributing, responsible members of society.

BUT....that doesn't mean you don't sometimes want to be reckless or impulsive or make irresponsible choices.  And, some of those "choices" are things that I firmly believe everyone should do once in their life - if they ever have the opportunity and are able.  Things like buy a brand new car right off the lot even though it will immediately depreciate in value.  Or have a home built from the ground up.  Buy a piece of artwork direct from your favorite, living artist.  Have a sentimental piece of jewelry custom-made....just for you.

Classic Winston Cushion-Cut Sapphire Ring in Platinum as seen in the Honolulu Harry Winston Salon.  Perfection, of course.

The list could go on but the one consistent thing about all of them is this (in my opinion, of course)...Each are a splurge.  Growing up, I was taught to make responsible choices.  Not to overstretch or do something that might negatively impact my financial security in the long run.  I was close to my grandparents who grew up the children of farmers in rural Missouri during the Great Depression.  My parents were educators.  Although my Mom was also an artist in her own right; she was never in a position, until later in life, to be able to collect original artwork from gifted artists that she admired.  Now, because of her hard work, she is able to surround herself with objects that bring her joy.  What her later-in-life collections have now taught me is that it is okay to reward yourself.  Be it for milestones at work, home or in life.  Sometimes, it is perfectly acceptable to reward yourself for simply making it through the day.  And, it is even okay to daydream about what reward you would give yourself if "X" ever happened or after you finish that one big project that has been looming over your head.

So where am I going with this?  What's the "big" reward I daydream about?

It's Harry.  No, not HRH, the Duke of Sussex.  The other Harry, Harry Winston.  If you've watched my Instagram then I'm sure you've seen the handful of posts of Harry and I in Las Vegas or in Honolulu.  Anytime I'm nearby, I try to pop in to say "Hello."  Not that he misses me.  Or that he even knows me.  (And, yes, I fully realize that the OG Harry Winston has long since passed.)  But, I still stop in and look wistfully at his legacy / collections.

A 2019 Pandemic visit to the Harry Winston Salon located at the Bellagio Shops in Las Vegas. 
You know, just in case I had struck it rich at the tables.

My daydream is that one day, someday, I get to visit a Harry Winston salon and pick out an iconic piece(s) for myself.  Alas, I know this may be far-fetched (my full-time day job means I'm a public servant) but dreams are what keeps us moving forward through life.  Dreams and caffeine but that's a blog for another day...

Sealed by Harry Winston in Platinum - Just waiting to be added to my neck stack.  Sigh.

Recently, I have been obsessed with the platinum 'Sealed by Harry Winston Charm' and the 18K rose gold 'HW Logo Single Diamond Ring.'  Of course, there are so, so many more incredible pieces that I'd love to add to my collection if money were no object (think of a winning-the-lottery-and-calling-in-rich-to-work type scenario) but alas, I still have to be a semi-responsible adult.

18K Rose Gold HW Logo Band with Single Diamond.  I wear a US Size 8.5 if anyone is listening...

So what are your jewelry dreams / obsessions?

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