A Golden Design

 If you haven't heard the story already, The Mr. has been fascinated by lapidary work for several years now.  He's talked with multiple cutters from all over the world; sat in on webinar after webinar; followed along on many a Facebook live event ; joined the Faceters Guild and even take a few classes.  Turns out, he's got a knack for it.  And, even better, he enjoys it.  He enjoys it enough that he even bought himself an Ultra Tech Faceting Machine and some rough to work on at home.  Honestly, I'm proud and excited of and for him!

So when he came home with the very first stone he had ever cut from rough to polished, I knew I had to do something special with it.  I wanted to stone to take center stage knowing that it would always be special to me and become (hopefully) a family heirloom. All of that meant that I needed to find the perfect designer to commemorate his first stone.

Enter Naomi Tracz Jewellery.  I have followed Naomi on Instagram for quite some time and have loved her simple, clean, modern aesthetic.  I knew Naomi's design style would be the perfect compliment to the hexagon shaped Golden Labradorite that The Mr. had cut.  I reached out to her via Instagram, sending her photos of the stone and asking if she'd take on the challenge of setting such a sentimental stone for me.

Naomi graciously accepted the challenge and after receiving the stone, set to creating the design.  Naomi was so attuned to the sentimentality of the stone itself to me that she updated me every step of the way through photos and videos both in her Instagram stories and direct message.

When the ring finally arrived, it was even better than I expected.  The mounting really allowed the stone to take center stage with its texture and deep yellow gold.  Naomi couldn't have created a better setting for The Mr.'s newly created heirloom stone.

Thank you Naomi for creating the newest future heirloom in my collection!

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