The Best Earrings for Curly Haired Girls

If you've got wavy or curly hair and have a hard time finding dangle earrings that have some movement and can visually hold their own against your curls without getting tangled up in them; then this blog is for you!  I was born with thick, curly auburn hair.  Even though the color has given up the ghost and turned a little more white-gray now; the curls have never loosened.  I used to only wear studs or hoops because I hated having my curls get tangled and pulled in long earrings.  But I always loved the look of long earrings.  The hard part has always finding ones that were comfortable to wear that wouldn't get lost in my curls and could visually hold their own against the power that curls wield.

After decades of searching, I've managed to round up some of my favorite dangle earring looks for us curly-haired ladies from some of today's hottest designers.  So, read on to find out my go-to looks when I wear my curls down in their full splendor!

Rachel Atherley's Feather Earrings (left) & Caviar Earrings (right) are some of my personal favorites.  I own the a pair of her Caviar Earrings in moonstone & have found them ideal for curls!  They are lightweight, easy to wear all day & have enough texture that they can hold their own against my mess of hair.

White Space Jewelry's Oona Hook Petal Pearl Earrings are definitely a Jewelry Bucket List pair for any lady with curls.  The luster of the pearls combined with the unusual shape means that your curls won't get tangled in unnecessary findings or other earring components.  Plus, the smooth boldness of the pearls makes an amazing contrast against a mess of curls like mine.

Martha Seely Design's Constellation Elongated Dangle Earrings feature bezel-set gemstones which are by far preferable to prong-set stones when curly hair is involved.  Prongs tend to "reach out and grab" curls whereas bezels allow the curls to "slide off" them.

GuitaM Jewelry's GE Earrings can easily hold their own visually against even the most luscious curls.  Plus, the variety of available gemstones means that you can find one to match every outfit.

Original Eve Designs' Mother-of-Pearl Loop Earrings almost feel like little MOP curls themselves with their open centers & shiny luster.  Perfect for daily wear or graceful enough to be the perfect compliment to any wedding day look!

Mallary Marks' Lilly Pad Earrings have been on my personal Jewelry Bucket List since I first saw them.  The clean lines, variety of available gemstones coupled with the two available sizes means more flexibility for shorter or longer curly hairstyles.  Not to mention their clean lines & bold outline are sure to be noticed.

Grainne Morton's Three Charm Earrings are a perfectly fun mismatched pair of dangle earrings that can certainly hold their own against any type of curl without lacking movement.

Catherine Ulanovski's Spike Earrings have been a go-to in my personal collection for years.  I love the brushed texture & the slight curve means they move against my curls - not fighting with them.  The 14k gold has a rich, buttery color which is also the perfect compliment to my vintage pieces as well.

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