Ring Organization: The Search for the Perfect Labels

 I'm one of those weird people to whom organization and a good label maker means the ultimate joy.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no Marie Kondo.  But I do love when everything has a place and it's actually in it!  

And, as any collector knows, as your collection grows, it can be hard to remember the details of each piece that you could have - at one time - rattled off so easily.  It is this dilemma that started me on the search for the perfect ring collection labels.

I scoured the internet looking in all the traditional and non-traditional locations.  I checked Stuller as well as other jewelry supply companies.  I even tried good ol' Google.  No one had what I was looking for.  I organize my ring using a two-fold system: by stone and color grouping.  

First, I group them by color in my ring trays; blues, greens and purples together in one tray followed by reds, oranges, yellows and pinks in another.  Within each color grouping, I then group by main / primary stone with each subgroup taking a single row (at least for now).  Naturally, diamonds have their own tray because they're diamonds, of course.

What was missing was some form of label at the beginning of each row identifying the primary stone for that row.  For some rows, it is relatively easy to identify what the primary stone is, but for gems that come in a multitude of colors (such as sapphire or tourmaline) or are similar to other gems in color (such as blue topaz and aquamarine), it can be difficult to remember what each stone is in a particular row.  This is where I felt row labels would be useful.  However, no one had what I was looking for.

Then, by accident I discovered zzishop on Etsy.  She has these perfect little black 3mm stainless steel rings that are completely customizable with whatever you would like hand-stamped in white lettering across the front. Of course, I ordered them in my size.  You know, just in case I ever want to wear a black ring with white "diamond" lettering instead of actual diamonds!

They make the most perfect row labels in my ring trays!

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