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When I started writing about jewelry, I had particular criteria I would use to determine what jewels that I, personally, would consider to fall into the category "fine jewelry."  Some of those personal criteria included pieces designed: in 14k gold (10k for antique pieces) or better; 925 sterling silver; unusual pieces designed solely for sentimental purposes; utilization of precious or rare gemstones and, on extremely rare occasions, examples of only the highest quality vermeil. 

 [A quick lesson for those unfamiliar with gold vermeil.  To be considered vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY), the plating must have a gold thickness of over 2.5 microns.  Most costume and fashion jewelry is gold plated, which is usually well below 1 micron in thickness and is therefore not "gold vermeil."]

The Sian Ka'an Chain Bracelet is available in 2 sizes on the Rawile
website, €138,00 (approx. $160 USD), & makes the most perfect wardrobe staple!

Now, I will admit, when I was gifted a vermeil bracelet by a new, young Balinese company to review; I was a bit nervous.  BUT, after receiving this stunning delivery of the Sian Ka'an Chain Bracelet in gold vermeil from Rawile; I have to admit, it more than lives up to its hype!

Before getting into the pure beauty of the bracelet, I want to talk about some of the features which particularly appealed to me of the bracelet and the company itself.  It's made of 100% recycled, solid 925 sterling silver with an impressive 10 micron thick 18k yellow gold vermeil finish (it's also available in sterling silver) and is offered in two sizes.  AND, the packaging itself is sustainable and reusable! 

Love the wooden box that the bracelet came in & the story of the Sian Ka'an Bracelet!

One of the other features that I love about Rawile as a company is that they support giving back to the planet in a truly meaningful way.  Not only are their pieces all manufactured with recycled sterling silver, but 10% of the profits from any purchase are donated to fight ocean pollution.  We may not have a beach here in Arizona but I can definitely get behind any company with a focus on preserving our natural resources and wonders!

I love the finish of the Sian Ka'an Bracelet!  Each link has its own character & feel giving it a truly authentic & timeless appeal.

Rawile was started 2019 by Candela and Ricardo.  Like many jewelry lovers / collectors, every place they traveled, was an opportunity to hunt for special pieces. Drawn to jewelry with a unique, raw vibe, they had difficulty finding exactly what they craved.  It was time to create something more meaningful themselves!  Lots of research, trial / error and constructive feedback later, Rawile was born to reflect the diverse cultures and artistic influences of the places that were close to Candela and Ricardo’s hearts.  Each piece has a unisex aesthetic with a unique story. 

It's such a staple piece that looks equally at home with the perfect little LBD or rooting for your favorite baseball team!

I've been wearing the Sian Ka'an Chain Bracelet nonstop for a bit over two weeks and I can't tell you the number of compliments I've gotten on it!  It has definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.  It mixes nicely with more delicate pieces or can stand on its own.  The chunky links and rough texture give it incredible visual interest making it a great statement piece!

Check out some of the photos below to see how I've been wearing it these past weeks!

A great layering piece for any wrist stack, it can hold its own against a bulkier bracelet as well as blend nicely with  a more delicate choice.

The Sian Ka'an Bracelet was the perfect compliment to some of my own vintage turquoise pieces for the ultimate Date Night look.

As you can see, it has definitely become my every day go-to bracelet for its timeless look & comfortable wearability...

It even held its own against a T-Rex!

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