Critter Crazy

If you've followed my Instagram at all, you may have noticed some furry friends hidden (or not so hidden) in amongst the jewels that I try to regularly post there.  I've been an animal lover since I can remember.  I've had the assortment of animals over the years from reptiles, ferrets and hamsters to cats, dogs and horses.  Just like my feed over on Instagram, I thought I'd mix the two together here as well. 

So...check out some of my favorite animal-themed jewels and some adorable critters who are all currently available for adoption throughout the Country because now more than ever, we should all share the love.

Let's kick it off with Carson from Stealing Hearts Rescue in Glendale, Arizona.  Carson is a 9-month-old male pit bull mix with stunning eyes and the most wonderful little "zipper" right up his snoot!

Stealing Heart Rescue - Glendale, AZ

Expressive features have always been what gets me the most when I buy jewelry with any sort of face on it - human or animal.  And, you know the old saying, "Crazy like a fox."  That was exactly the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this adorable diamond-crusted and ruby-eyed platinum fox head from MissMickster on Instagram.  He just looks like he has something brilliant to say!

Diamond-crusted platinum fox head charm ready for action with one of my 3 puppers, Zoƫ, in the background.

Like every little girl, I wanted a pony.  However, unlike most it was a desire I never outgrew.  I have been an equestrian my entire life.  And 6-year-old Emmett from the Humane Society of Missouri - Longmeadow Rescue Ranch sounds like the perfect pocket Quarter Horse for anyone looking to start a horse under saddle without any previously learned bad habits.  If I hadn't moved to Arizona, I could see Emmett and I bonding over apples, peppermints and thick saddle blankets!

Humane Society of Missouri Longmeadow Rescue Ranch - Union, MO

If there is one animal which screams "Spring is here, Come dance with me!" more than any other, it's the hummingbird.  They flit with an almost dancer-like movement around fresh Spring blooms.  This 14-karat gold Hummingbird Necklace by Marty Bobroskie of martymagic on Etsy appeals to me for the simple, rustic feel of it.  The blurred features and the way the chain slips through the wings give the appearance that the little bird is flitting about happily in search of its next meal.

This little bird is most certainly on my Wish List!

Earlier this year my kitty, Harley, passed away and it made me think back to the early years when I was looking for a cat-panion.  I had wanted an orange, striped tom-looking cat but instead came home with a talkative female calico.  Had 10-year-old Buzz been around 18 years ago when Harley and I first met, history may have turned out differently!  Buzz is available for adoption through Pawmetto Lifeline in Columbia, South Carolina and I sincerely hope that you will consider giving this distinguished older gentleman the purrfect home!  (I mean just look at those kind eyes!)

Pawmetto Lifeline - Columbia, SC

Dog or Cat?  This centuries-long debate between which is the better companion will never have a definitive winner.  The two sides shall never meet.  That having been said, this Victorian Coral Dog Head Charm available through DuVenay is about to make the debate even more insolvable.  Talk about expression!  This pooch has it for days upon days!

With just a hint of a smirk, this pup looks as if he almost knows something we don't - maybe the answer to the debate?

Ol'Blue Eyes ain't got nothin' on this beautiful Boxer mix who is carrying on his namesake's trademark stare!  This stunning blue-eyed boy is Sinatra and he is available for adoption through Labradors, Retrievers and More located in Southern California.  He is a sweet 2-year-old boy looking for the ideal home with someone to be his duet partner.  The first search dog I ever trained was a Boxer so the breed holds a particularly special place in my heart.  And, those peepers!

Labradors, Retrievers and More - Southern California

My first pet that I can really remember was a little garter snake that I absolutely adored.  Despite the irrational fear that most people have when you mention snakes, they are truly one of the most wonderful of species!  Not to mention, they have a long and distinguished history as a prominent jewelry motif for millennia representing both the positive and negative.  This amazing Victorian Enameled Snake Crescent Moon Necklace is a Bucket List piece for sure!  Available through Maria's @Lace.Jewels account on Instagram, this wearable work of art should be at the top of every collector's list!

I have genuine jealousy for whomever the lucky buyer will be of this stunning bit of wearable art!

I hope you've enjoyed this little compilation of two of my favorite things.  And please, please, please consider adding a furry, feathered, finned or scaled companion to your home today!  If you can't adopt, then consider fostering or donate to your local animal shelter or rescue group so that they can continue to provide the services that are so greatly needed in our communities!

Marian Maurer has the most stunning pieces!  One of my favorites is her HorseLunar Zodiac Pendant.
It would make the most perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life.

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