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Every jewelry lover / collector has that short list of designers or jewelry houses from which they would love to own an iconic piece.  We all covert a piece from Harry Winston, Oscar Heyman, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Royal Asscher, Bvlgari, Piaget, Buccellati, etc.  And, of course, Cartier.  I  mean, honestly, if you didn't want something from Cartier before, how could you not after watching Ocean's 8?!?!

But for the new, or even the serious seasoned collector, the thrill can sometimes be in discovering an amazingly talented designer and adding them to your collection with a one of a kind or limited run piece.  And, with Mother's Day right around the corner (it's Sunday, May 12 - in case you needed a reminder!), why not go all out get her something that she'll love adding to her collection!

Here are the top 10 (in no particular order) on my Designer Bucket List.  Some of which I have already added to my collection and some which I am dying to get my hands on!

Laurie Kaiser 
Why I Love Her:  I have been a fan of Laurie's for several years now and have a number of her pieces in my collection - as does my Mom.  I love her use of mixed metals as well as the way her stones are mounted from the wrapping, organic vines to crisp bezel settings.  Her pieces are distinctive and stunning workings of art that are meant to be worn, touched and enjoyed!

Three of my favorite pieces from Laurie.  Narrowing it down to just three of her pieces was impossible!
All of her work has amazing movement & texture to them.

Emanulea Duca 
Why I Love Her:  Rome is one of my most treasured places and the way that Emanulea uses inspiration from her hometown and dovetails it with inspiration from her home in Hudson Valley, NY is incredible.  Her pieces are highly textured giving them a feel reminiscent of the Roman ruins but with a modernity that feels uniquely "New York."  They are tactile and engaging in both a uniquely Roman and New Yorker sort of way.

From Emanuela's Couture 2017 collection, this ring is the epitome of
her style - intense texture  reflective of her inspirations.

Judi Powers Fine Jewelry 
Why I Love Her:  In addition to the clean, crisp feel and design of all of Judi's pieces, she also utilizes sustainably sourced gems and metals - which should be vital to us all.  I love the way that Judi's pieces have a heft and weight to them in not only the actual sense but also in the visual sense - it has an anchoring effect and feel which, to me, is so important in today's world.  And, her signature gold color has become iconic making her pieces easily recognizable.

The Amphora Rings are some of the pieces by Judi that have been on my Bucket List since I first saw them!
The sleek lines, bright colors & the use of her signature gold with a soft, subtle texture that just makes the
meticulously selected stones pop even further.

Stephanie Albertson 
Why I Love Her:  Her bold use of color, rich 22k gold and mixed metals have an almost whimsical effect.  Many of her pieces make me feel like I got lost in a candy store colored dream.  Frankly, it's almost impossible not to be happy even just looking at Stephanie's handmade pieces!  They are fun, bright and cheerful allowing the wearer to easily mix and match or wear alone all while reflecting their individual sense of style.

Stephanie's pendants & her painter's palette pendants are the ideal pop of color for layering for any season.
Personally, they remind me of the years that I spent in our basement as a child painting with my Mom.

Judy Geib 
Why I Love Her:  Big!  Judy's pieces feature big gemstones with unique color, saturation points and a sense of fearless.  She appreciates the lighter colored ones that may have some flaws but are also more vibrant.  Sometimes the beauty is in the flaws.  Her designs also have a nod to 19th Century design with a silver backing.  Its her attention to this detail and its link to the past ignites the history nerd in me! 

The moment I first saw this necklace from Jud, I knew it was the perfect edition to any serious jewelry lover's collection!
The mix of stone colors, shapes & cuts give the piece so much dimension that I just can't help but want to touch
it, running my fingers over each stone.  It's a very tactile piece of jewelry.

Jessica Kagan Cushman 
Why I Love Her:  Irreverence.  Her pieces have a bit of  "the devil may care" in them and that sense of fun and playfulness is why I have added several of her Nantucket Bangles to my personal collection.  There is just this sense of fun and frivolity that make her pieces the perfect addition to any collection.  Not to mention, her padlocks are fabulous for hanging any number of charms or pendants from and worthy of a spot on any Wish List!

Jessica's cuffs & bracelets have the perfect combination of irreverence as seen in the mix of colors & stone cuts.
They are like their own little party that you take with you everywhere.

Jenna + Andy Fennell at East Camp Goods
Why I Love Them:  Everything is handmade giving each piece its own uniqueness.  Their 18k chain bracelets and necklaces are ideal every day essentials with each link handmade and constructed in their upstate New York studio.  They are perfect for layering with any number of looks both modern and vintage or hefty enough to wear alone.

Each link is made by handing their studio giving each chain its own unique feel.  What I have always loved about the
chains by Jenna & Andy 's work, especially their chains, is how perfect they are for any look.  They easily go from
day to night, work to night on the town.  Mix & match perfection!

Natasha Collis Fine Jewllery
Why I Love Her:  Natasha's designs have a light, airy feel to them that seems so perfectly at home in Ibiza or even here in Phoenix.  The attention to detail is evident in the handmade gold nuggets and carefully chosen gemstones.  Her pieces remind me of days spent laying out in the sun as a teenager while still being work-appropriate.  Mixed with a crisp white shirt for work or an LBD a night, Natasha's designs are timeless.  

Another layering staple, Natasha's multi-colored precious stones & handmade gold nugget necklaces are
perfect for any season & every outfit.  Wear alone of together!

Sam Woehrmann 
Why I Love Him:  Sam's geometric designs and use of mixed metals give his pieces an industrial, well-loved feel to them.  They are bold and vibrant with an interesting play of color and design.  I love how Sam plays off the structure(s) of the crystals in his work as if the stones almost spoke to him themselves.  His work has an almost avant-garde tinge to it that seems equally at home in Frank Lloyd Wright's playbook.  In other words, what's not to love?!

The industrial feel of Sam's pieces are what drew me to his work in the first place.  The stones seem to speak to
him, telling him what they want to become.  I love his unique take on design - how & where he mounts each stone.

Julie Cohn Design
Why I Love Her:  All I can say about Julie's work is "Wow!"  She is inspired by the elements of nature that surround her Dallas studio as well as primitive ethnic forms, indigenous crafts and more giving the impression that her pieces come from antiquity right out of the box.  I also find myself drawn to her use of bronze in the creation of her pieces.  It is such a warm metal that gives her pieces an incredibly organic, lush feel while standing out for those who like something a little more nontraditional.  Her pieces are true statement pieces that are big, bold and beautiful without being pretentious.

This earrings by Julie send me over the moon!  Big & bold statement pieces that have an incredibly
organic feel to them.  I've been wanting to add a pair to my collection for ions.  Maybe Mother's Day???

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