"Glinda" Goes - A Story and...The Classic Ballerina Ring

I've written several times about my love of the classic ballerina ring and how they have truly been a Jewelry Bucket List item for me personally.  Designed to look like the skirt of a twirling ballerina, the style itself harkens from Hollywood’s Golden Age of the 1930s and ‘40s and soared in popularity in the 1960s.  It was during these decades that jewelry design began to shift towards the bigger, bolder, more eye-catching elements that became reflective of silver screen glamour.

We’ve seen a recent re-emergence of this style on everyone from former First Ladies such as Michelle Obama to current stars of the silver screen.  Traditionally, ballerina rings were worn as right-hand rings featuring a large, colored gemstone encircled by flaring baguette diamonds, with the new resurgence and love of this almost 100-year old style, it has even become a modern interpretation for the non-traditional bride.

Elizabeth Taylor was known to favor this style of ring, having had many in her collection.

In my adult years as a jewelry collector, I have searched high and low for the perfect (and affordable!) ballerina ring to kick off what I have always hoped would become a growing collection of this particular style.  Recently, I was fortunate enough to find the perfect inaugural member to kick off my Personal Ballerina Ring Collection from an amazing fourth generation, hometown jeweler here in Arizona called Setterberg Jewelers.

Made by Ring-Dant, this Ruby & Diamond Platinum beauty has a a much larger, full diamond "sister" version
currently residing  in the Gem Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute.  Although my version will more than likely
never grace a Smithsonian display, I think the ruby glows on its own.

This stunning platinum, ruby and diamond Ballerina Ring even does double-duty as an amazing pendant!  What’s not to love about that?!  And, since I believe that jewelry not only tells a story but also has a story, I've named this beauty "Glinda" after The Good Witch of the South from one of this former Kansas girl's favorite movies and stories - The Wizard of Oz.  This Glinda, however, is The Good Witch of the South(WEST) now that she's currently residing in Arizona.  And, much like her namesake, she's an adventurer!

The Good Witch, Glinda, from the classic Wizard of Oz movie & her namesake - both equally as stunning!

The stunning central ruby seems to glow, much like her namesake does in the famous 1939 children's movie when she first meets Dorothy.  And, much like The Good Witch in the books who does double duty as not only the protector of Ozma but also the ruler of Quadling Country, this Glinda does double duty as well.  With a quick flip of the bale under the ring head, the shank falls away and she becomes a pendant.

The Ruby & Diamond Platinum Ballerina Ring shown here as both a ring & how it comes apart to create a pendant.

Also like her Quadling Country counterpart, this Glinda enjoys traveling, taking in the sights and experiencing all there is to offer.  So, if you want to see more about Glinda's travels throughout the Phoenix area, follow along on my Instagram all this week or by searching the hashtag #GlindaGoes to see what adventures The Good Witch of the South(WEST) has!

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