Insta-Favorites: Bracelets & Cuffs

I'm a bit obsessed with the collections feature on Instagram!  It makes it much, much easier for me to create my own personal "Wish List" of designers and antique / vintage pieces that I would love to add to my personal collection.

As a matter of fact, I was flipping through my bracelet collection the other day and I decided to put together a few of my "intsa-favorites" for you!  Some of these may be sold since I added them to my collection on Instagram but I leave them there to remind me incase I am lucky enough to find something similar in the future.  

All photos credits given to the respective instagram accounts.  Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

A Victorian diamond, emerald & ruby "HOPE" bracelet from Antique Animal Jewelry.

Working 18kt gold zipper by Luis Morais.

Circa 1950s diamond & platinum bracelet from Craig Evan Small.

Medusa bracelet created by Bergsoe Jewellery.

Classic line bracelets from Weldons of Dublin.

Scale bracelet made by Loren Nicole Jewelry.

A stack of classic Pat Flynn Inc. nail bracelets available through Quadrum Gallery.

Early 20th Century diamond, ruby, emerald & sapphire bracelet available through FD Gallery.

French Art Deco platinum & diamond link bracelet available through Lang Antiques & Estate Jewelry.

Topaz cuff created by Vivasmith Studio.

Opal & mixed metals cuff created by Annie Fensterstock Jewelry.

Mixed metals cuff made by Hozoni Designs.

The Charlotte Chesnais Jewelry bracelet.

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