Jeweled History: A Creative Writing Series

Do you ever look at an antique piece of jewelry and think, “Oh....the stories this beauty could tell!”  If you’re like me and you love antique jewelry, you’ve probably wondered some version of this statement at some point in time.  What is its history?  Who had it designed or wore it?  What historical events must it have been witness to?

Details of "Half-Length Portrait of a Roman Woman" (1862/1866), by Anselm Feuerbach.
What must her life have been like?  Was she wealthy?  Was she powerful?  What did she think about?
What were her passions?  She obviously loved garnets or rubies.  She put together a killer ring stack.

I wonder these exact sentiments every time I get a new-to-me piece or I flip through social media and see some stunning, miniature work of art.  These amazing jewels ignite the creativity in me.  They put a fire under my sense of nostalgia.  And then…I formulate little stories about these historical treasures.

Call me crazy (or maybe only slightly off-kilter), but as these stories develop in my mind’s eye, the piece begins to take on a life of its own.  Much like Frankenstein’s monster, they come alive in front of me.

Movie still of Glenn Strange as Frankenstein's monster with Boris Karloff as Dr. Frankenstein
in the 1944 film, "House of Frankenstein."

Beginning in February, once a month, I am going to share a bit of creative writing with you all about an antique or vintage piece of jewelry which has somehow captured my imagination.  Some of these bejeweled muses may be from my personal collection while others may have been something that struck a chord as I flipped through social media or jumped out while I was out on the town.  Either way, I hope that you will follow me down this creative writing rabbit hole and much like Alice, awake and wonder, “Could that curious dream have been real?”

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