New Year, New Trends - What's Hot in 2017

It's hard to believe that 2017 is right around the corner.  Frankly, I'm still trying to figure out what happened to June so for it to be December now is almost unfathomable in my world.  But, nonetheless, time marches on with our without us, so here it is with a new year right around the corner.

But, with that new year comes new opportunities to update your look.  Of course, there's always the old standby when it comes to New Year's Resolutions - join a gym; loose weight; learn a new skill; etc.; etc.; blah; blah; blah....I prefer a New Year's Resolutions with a bit more substance.  And by 'substance,' I mean gold, platinum, gemstones, diamonds and the like!

One of my all time favorite designers & one of the many, true "Bucket List" pieces for me is
from Vivasmith Studios - the Gloaming Necklace.  Made from oxidized steel & 24k yellow gold, this
necklace is perfect for 2017!  It represents everything that's going to be hot in 2017 - mixed
metals, raw gemstones, gold & even a bit edgy.  Which, is exactly what we're all going to need!

So here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2017.  Or perhaps more appropriately, my picks for what will be hot in the coming months (besides just the weather here in Arizona)!  And, yes, they all have a little element of rebellion to them - perfect for the coming year!

I predict that vintage & antique wedding bands, like this 1960s etched Platinum & Diamond Band, will
continue to be hot in 2017 for stacking rings.  Colored gemstones, yellow gold bands & the like will
color & allow for self-expression, individuality - something everyone wants to continue
to carry into the New Year.

Statement pieces like this Kyanite & Coral Pendant from Janine DeCresenzo will be hot in the months
to come.  Utilizing natural materials like coral & raw kyanite mixed with a sparkling white topaz for
just the ideal mix of earth, sea & stars.  Statement pieces will be big this year.  Just the right mix of

Color will be big in 2017 & this Opal Greek Ring by Pippa Small is just as big & bold & it can definitely hold
its own in the coming months!  Lots of bright color denotes hope, future 
well-being & a centeredness.  

Antique rings with nontraditional stones will continue to be the go to for brides in the coming year like
this 1934 European antique  Sapphire & Platinum Ring offered on eBay by 
Atelier de Montplaisir.  Rings
like this exceptional antique are even perfect as right hand rings & will become the staple of every
woman's jewelry collection.

Stacking & layering will go full-throttle in 2017 & thin, stacking bracelets like this 14K White Gold Cuff version
by Lana will sore in popularity & are ideal for mixing & matching with various colors of gold & even
platinum or oxidized sterling silver.  For even more individuality, express yourself by mix & matching different
styles of cuffs - mix thick & thin together to create a true statement stack!

Watches!  Watches will be making a comeback in 2017 like this stunning Santos de Cartier Galbee from
Cartier.  Oversized watches on women will be hot.  Personally, I have always loved wearing a man's watch.
It's bold, big & a bit unconventional; a bit edgy.  Layer them with some thin cuffs or line
bracelets & you've got a whole new look.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will make it into your jewel box in the coming months - or at least give you some inspiration when it comes to gift-giving time!

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