Rough Rhodolite Garnet Design Project with Hozoni Designs

I love rough stones and have collected them since I was child.  With a resurgence in the appreciation for these fabulous little works of art by Mother Nature, there are becoming more and more designers who are utilizing these rough stones in their collections.

At 6.80 carats, this Rhodolite Garnet has a very, very deep purplish-red color & has been one of the favorites
in my collection for several years.  Although not 
flawless, it's color & unique, almost heart shape, have
been a constant source of enjoyment that has been calling to be shown off.

One of my favorites was recently featured here, Hozoni Designs.  Steve and Daniele Passantino of Hozoni Designs have an entire collection, the Rough and Refined Collection, that is centered around the beauty of rough stones - primarily garnets.  They were the perfect collaborators when it came to utilizing one of the little Rhodolite Garnets in my collection.

The initial sketch by Steve Passantino featured each of the design elements that I had requested -
mixed metals (in this case, Rose Gold & oxidized Sterling Silver) & some texture.

And, drum-roll please….The finished project:

I adore the bold, industrial feel of this ring!  The rose gold shows of the warmth of
the garnet in such a lovely way.

The adorable rivets are just the sort of attention to detail that drew me to Hozoni in the first place.

There is just something about the way a garnet glows in the Arizona sunshine....

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