Stunning Deliveries - CJbijoux

I know I've written about CJbijoux before but when these stunning deliveries showed up on my proch; I couldn't help but write again!  These 14k yellow gold spike earrings are perfect for day or evening wear.  Their classic shape, subtle texture and delicate curve make them perfect for just about every outfit!  For those ladies out there like me with curly hair (you will especially appreciate this!), they don't get tangled in your curls so wearing your hair down with these beauties is a viable option!  And, bonus, they are still bold enough to not get "lost" when you wear your hair down.

The texture on these earrings is fabulous!  It's not your average brushed
texture.  It has a lovely pattern & feeling to it.

You can really see the slight curve to the earrings in this photo.  The curve gives them a
lot of movement & swing when you're wearing them.

The texture is really stunning with a fabulous organic pattern to it!

I'm not normally a long earring person but the light-weight feel of these 2.5-inch long
spikes has completely converted me!  They are absolutely perfect!

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