Stunning Deliveries - Alys Jorns

When you live in the desert (or are a new transplant like me), you learn to appreciate rocks.  Yes, rocks.  Each is unique, filled with interesting angles and crevices.  Their roughness is what makes them both uncomfortable and yet dynamic.  So what does this have to do with jewelry?  Everything if you're drawn to natural materials and love the use of recycled gold like I do!  

Thank goodness, I am not the only one!  Alys Jorns uses recycled gold gold in conjunction with some amazing stones to create these beautiful pieces.  Some of my favorites of her work are her earrings that feature rough gemstones.  But unlike the rock that I'm surrounded by daily, these rough gemstones seem to glow - especially when the sun hits them!  So check out these stunning deliveries from Alys Jorns and see exactly what I have been talking about!

I am in love with these stunning Surati Studs in 18k recycled yellow gold!  They come in a variety
of colors (all you have to do is ask!) featuring the gemstone, tourmaline.  Currently, she has
some vibrant pink versions available on her website that will have you dreaming of spring!

Although it's hard to tell in my photography, the rough tourmaline crystal has the most stunning edges.

I love how the recycled gold wraps around the tourmaline crystal & has a brushed finish to it.

You can really tell in this photo how the tourmaline glows.  It's really quite a stunning stones & just
as the jewelry is comprised of natural materials, these earrings are also a reflection of nature in
that not two studs are identical - just as the crystals that make them up.

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