Smitten - Pascale Monvoisin

It's no secret that I have a love for jewelry that is what I refer to as "refined rustic."  And today's artist is nothing short of pure perfection when it comes to embodying everything that stands for.  Their use of natural materials, classic designs and a nod to the Bohemian in all of us is just shear perfection!  I know that when you find out who I am smitten with this week, you will feel the same way!  

So without any further gilding of the lily, I'd like to present the amazing work of Pascale Monvoisin.  I know that you are going to fall completely, madly in love with her work as well!  Be sure and check out the website because there are SO many more pieces that will cause you to go all giggly on the inside!

Simone Moonstone Necklace - Labradorites necklace, moonstone pendant set in 9K rose gold, embedded
with an opal set in fine gold 18K. 

Cauri Ruby Necklace - Rose gold 9K necklace, shell embedded with a ruby set in fine gold 9K.

Lousie No. 3 Chrysoprase - Fine rose gold 9K bracelet, three chrysoprases set in fine rose gold,
embedded with three turquoises of also set in gold.

Susanne Labradorite Necklace - Fine rose gold 9K necklace, with a labradorite & diamond.

Orso Bone Necklace - Fine rose gold 9K necklace, bone pendant embedded with diamonds.

Orso Labradorite - Single hoop, pink gold 9k, labradorite incrusted polki diamond.

Summer Labradorite - Fine rose gold 14K necklace, labradorite set in fine rose gold 9K, embedded with a rose cut diamond.

Garance No. 1 Labradorite Bracelet - Adjustable string bracelet, 9K pink gold, labradorite with a diamond-pavé
encrusted medallion on black suede string.

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