It Runs in the Family

You know that bit of excitement when you discover a long-lost history?  I recently got a refresher course when visiting my uncle.  I have always known that "way back" back when he was in high school, he had taken some jewelry courses.  My mom even has brooch that he had made her in one of his classes.  Well, some folks have all the luck and my uncle was recently able to retire and start exploring (or "re-exploring," you could say) some of his other interests.  I guess old habits die hard.  His first stop?  The jewelry club in his community.  He signed up for a few courses and has been carving, soldering and tooling along ever since!

I love the turquoise with the gold in this cuff!

I'm one of those nieces and I have been teasing him that I don't have a "Uncle Doug Original" in my jewelry collection yet.  Needless to say, I was super excited when he gave me this beautiful cuff that he recently finished.  I'm a huge fan of cuffs so this statement piece is a perfect fit!  Thanks Uncle Doug!  I already have the first outfit to wear it with in mind!

I love the contrasting textures in my uncle's design & the way it appears as a wave down the cuff's side.

I may not have his talent for design but I love the bold design.

Thanks Uncle Doug!  I love it!

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