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Every holiday season there are a number of media outlets publishing their "Holiday Gift Guides."  I'm no exception.  Every Friday, I'm publishing my favorite antique jewelry gifts plus I've even done some of my favorite modern-day designers' pieces all ready for holiday gift giving.  There's something about the holidays though.  Growing up, giving gifts was how we said "I love and care about you" to one another.  I guess that's why I get excited about any excuse to give someone a gift.  Plus, it's an excuse to get something you want and no something you need.  But today's gift guide is a little different.  Today, I've picked out some of my favorite jewel-toned and jewel-inspired holiday gift ideas!  

We're gonna kick off this jewel-inspired gift guide with a sure-fire classic from Julers Row.  This Diamond
Watercolor Rendering on canvas is one of my favorites, $300.  I love how this rendering includes a few
unique cuts as well such as the kite shape & shield.  

This BKR 500 ml Glass Water Bottle + Silicone Sleeve in warm orange reminds me of an amazing Oregon Sunstone
or a Mexican Fire Opal in color, $35.  Of course, I'm particularly drawn to it for two
reasons: 1-My favorite color is orange & 2-I try not to drink out of plastic water bottles
which are not only harmful to me but also our environment.

These little Concrete Gemstones from Sweet Yellow Decor are fabulous, $5.24.  They come in a variety/custom
colors & I can just picture them in a decorate cut crystal bowl on my desk.  I love mixing textures &
these little gems can just take your blingy home decor to a whole new level!

I adore Song & Dance Design's Crystal Watercolor Series & this Flourite example is one of my favorites, $8.
These 5x7 inch watercolors would be fabulous as a grouping on your wall.  Personally, I'm picturing
these in my (nonexistent but dreamy...) dressing room or in my home office.  Perfect!

I collect Micro Mosaics & this jewel-toned Victorian Antique Frame from Mosaics & Jewelry is the best, $109.
The love vibrant colors with the dainty black & white border.  Micro mosaics have been used in the
Victorian era in both home decor & jewelry.  Most are Italian in origin & are still popular collector's
pieces when visiting Italy.

One of my favorite funny-gal artists & a pop culture icon is Ashley Longshore.  I've followed her work for ages & have
been lusting after Audrey pieces since the beginning of time!  This classic Chair featuring an embroidered
recreation from one of her Audrey paintings even features he signature bling-out earrings.
Seriously, I would be a Queen in this chair!

Really now, who doesn't want a huge Diamond Shaped Quartz Paperweight on their desk like this rainbow
beauty from Happy Minerals, $151.50?  The rainbow art this would create on my walls when the sun
shines in would just make me exceedingly cheerful!

Speaking of diamonds, this 16x16 "Renae" Print by Angie Crabtree of a modern cushion cut diamond is amazing, $175.
Her work is stunning with such attention to detail!  She really shows the light play within the diamond itself.

In addition to micro mosaics, I also collect Pietra Dura such as this antique Bowl from Nigel's Preloved Bits, $108.63
Primarily from India, pietra dura is made from a solid piece of marble which has been hand-carved &
some precisely inlaid with precious gemstones to form a picture without any mortar or adhesives.
Many times, you will see boxes or small figurines.  Larger tabletops & such are also available.
This little bowl with its scalloped edges is quite unique & would be the perfect nightly catchall for
unloading all your jewelry before bed.

In keeping with our opening act, this is another of my favorite watercolor renderings from Julers Row.
It's the Stone Layout Watercolor Rendering & is another of my favorites because of the vibrancy
of the colors, $105.  I absolutely want this for my (ahem) dressing room.  It would also be
perfect in my office.  It's just so stinkin' happy!

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