The Color Code: Desert Style

Now that it's "winter" here in Arizona, I thought I'd do something a little different.  I was inspired by my dear friend, Marla Aaron of Marla Aaron Jewelry.  If you haven't seen her Instagram feed yet, I highly recommend you check it out - you will not be disappointed!

Anyhoo...She inspired me with her Instagram photo series on "Color Decoding."  Well, like I said...It's winter here in the southwest which means that so much of the desert foliage is blooming and I just love the colors!  So, I decided to play upon my dear friend's brilliance and add a little southwestern spin to it!  Here's my version - The Color Code: Desert Style.  I've taken some photos of the fascinating foliage you can find here in the Sonoran Desert and paired them with some equally lust-worthy jewelry pieces, both old and new, from some of my favorite designers.  Hopefully you'll see why this stunning desert landscape reminds me of jewels!

It's only fitting that we start this party off with my favorite desert plant, Sage, in bloom
& a Marla Aaron Jewelry Enamel Cuffling stacked with the perfect wardrobe staple, her
Lock with amethysts & sapphires.  I mean, really?  What's NOT to love about this combo?!

I absolutely ADORE this ring by Jamie Joseph featuring a stunning quartz with an embedded tourmaline!
I think it perfectly reminds me of the Jumping Cholla with the extreme contrast of the bright white spines &
the vibrant, spring-green branches.  Seriously, this ring has my name written ALL over it!

Perfect holiday gift (hint, hint) to The Mr.!

This stunning little stack by Lulu & Shay features a stunning dark hexagon emerald with
diamonds in yellow gold.  I think the color of this emerald is a perfect match to the deep green of
Officinal Spurge which is one of the oldest, documented medicinal plants.  Aren't they both stunning?!?!

Ok, so maybe not a plant, but this water feature with a zen-like rock holding its place in the stream
at The Desert Botanical Garden, reminds me of this matte black Onyx & 22k Gold Bead Necklace from
the amazing Pamela Harari Jewelry Design.  It's a strong statement piece that can hold its own against any
tide or any outfit but yet matches everything - a classic!

These little chili peppers go great with the spice of this Huges-Bosca Jewelry 18k gold & Mexican Jelly Opal Ring!
I love warm colors (explains the whole living-in-the-desert-thing) & this ring just exudes
warmth - much like the spice of a chili pepper!

Much like the desert landscape itself, the variation & jardin of this stunning emerald Heart Necklace in
yellow gold from 
Pamela Harari Jewelry Design, the landscape of the Sonoran Desert has its own variation in shades & tones.  

Green isn't the only color in the southwest landscape!  These beautiful Bougainvillea flowers with their
paper light fragrance & texture are echoed perfectly by this vintage Diamond, Tourmaline & Platinum Ring from
fellow jewelry enthusiast, The Lady Lucan.  I love the pierced filigree of this ring & the color of the
center stone is simply divine!

Just like the stone will not yield to the Palo Verde Tree & the tree will not give up the fight for space
thereby becoming intertwined; this Victorian 14kt gold cameo ring from Antique Animal Jewellery
shows the stone's fight & variation as it became a cameo.  The variation in colors from dark to
light (along with the craftsmanship!) just slay me!

Another one of my favorite desert plants is the Slipper Plant.  The light color of green is almost translucent
& has such a daintiness to it.  Those qualities are matched to near perfection in this amazing
18k Gold & Green Beryl Necklace by Danish designer & goldsmith, Lene Vibe.  I am completely
smitten with Lene's work & the detail of this piece just makes my love for her work even stronger!

One of the few tall trees (other than palms) that you will find here is the Jacaranda Tree.  It's ruffled
flowers are so sweet smelling in shades of dark to light lavender.  I love rustic designs with small
details & this oxidized sterling silver & Rough Tanzanite Ring from Hozoni Designs fits that bill to a "T."
Not to mention,  it's much like the Jacaranda Tree, full & substantial but with a suppleness to it.

Another desert staple is the Carrion plant.  It's blooms come in a wide variety of colors but the deep crimson
of this variety is my personal favorite! Just like the Garnet, Enamel & Diamond 18k Gold Pendant
from Victoria Sterling Antiques, the Carrion bloom has subtle gradation in it's coloring that is
hard to see until you get close.

Last but not least, it's not Arizona until you see the greens of the golf course; blues of the sky & mountains.
There is no stone more perfectly representative of my new home now than then Bija Pendant
from Alys Jorns featuring a bicolor tanzanite in 18k recylced yellow gold.  I adore everything about this pendant!

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