Smitten - Freestone Peach

If you haven't seen the amazing work of Joel Adam Baynard, the creative brilliance behind Freestone Peach, then you have been missing out!  I stumbled upon his Instagram and Facebook accounts months ago and have been completely smitten ever since.  My only problem, which wood and gemstone to pick! 

So swing by his Facebook and Instagram page to check out even more of these amazing bracelets!  They make perfect holiday gifts!  The hardest part will be choosing which combination to get!

Holly wood & Emerald bracelet.

I love the grain in this stunning opal bracelet!

Black Walnut & Opal bracelet. Photo courtesy of @mommyplaysdressup.

I think this one might be my favorite yet!  Featuring Cherry Burl Wood with turquoise, azurite & malachite.

Peach wood with turquoise.  I adore the darker areas of the wood on this bracelet.

The start of a Freestone Peach bracelet.  I love Joel's work & hope to one day call one of his pieces "mine."
His commitment to natural materials & the stunning way he uses them is pure artisty!

Turquoise, malachite, lapis & bits of copper...What more can you adore?

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