Every Jewel Has a Story – Art Deco Diamond Earrings

It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to sit down and catch up on some writing.  Unfortunately, sometimes, my real job demands a little bit more of my personal time than I would like.

Now that I have that apology out of the way, let’s kick things off with a little Every Jewel Has a Story!  And today’s jewels from my personal collection are extra special!  A little more sentimental than some others.  A few years ago (3 years, 7 months - to be exact), I married a pretty great guy.  And I’m not biased at all.  He is great.  Everyone will tell you!  But like everyone who has ever had a wedding will also tell you; there is a lot of planning, coordinating and emotions involved.  

The jewelry was important to me.  I wanted it to be representative of the Art Deco period that our wedding
was loosely based on; so when I found these period earrings - it was perfect!

I was no different than any other bride-to-be in a lot of ways.  I wanted everything to be special for our friends and families.  We wanted it to be very representative of “us” as both a couple and as individuals.  And it was.  The jewelry was – naturally – one of my personal favorites.  The entire wedding had a bit of an Art Deco vibe to it and the jewelry was no different.  

I have an affinity for circles  & movement.  These circa 1920 pave diamond & white gold earrings just checked
every box for me.  Each section moves freely giving the earrings a swinging motion when I move.

The soon-to-be-Mr. and I had visited Lilliane’s Jewelry one day to look around.  And that’s when I spotted them!  This amazing pair of original Art Deco white gold, diamond and onyx earrings.  They were stunning but the black onyx was just not going to work with the overall aesthetic that I was going for.  But the pattern of rectangular and circular white gold sections was perfection!

The pave-set diamonds are timeless.  Coupled with the geometric shapes...These earrings will never go out of style!

The master jeweler at Lilliane’s, worked with me to realize my vision for these earrings and removed the onyx squares.  We then flipped the earrings upside down and used the bit that was connected to the onyx as the new posts for the earrings.  The result, perfect for an evening wedding with the dramatic look that I was going for.  I couldn’t have been more pleased!  

If you can picture these turned upside down & onyx squares connected where the post backs currently are.
I wear these antique beauties with everything from jeans to black-tie...That's the beauty of craftsman-made jewelry;
it's in style no matter what you're wearing!

And now, these are one of my most sentimental pairs of earrings.  They walked down the aisle with me and bore witness to the only time I’ve seen The Mr. tear up.  They hold a special place in my jewelry box, and in my heart, and I’m always looking for any excuse to wear them!

I love how the geometric shapes have a modernity to them without overwhelming their pure Art Deco past.

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