Antique Jewelry Dreaming - The Ring Edition

If you’ve followed Inspired Antiquity for long now, you know that I can not only be smitten with new designers or unusual pieces but that I often times will profile both an up-and-comer as well as a long-established jewelry artist.  You may have even realized by now that I also have a penchant for antique jewels.

Well, with the holidays right around the corner, I thought it'd be a perfect excuse to have some fun and create a Wish List of sorts.  So once a week for the next five weeks, I will be posting an Antique Jewelry Dreaming Wish List.  Each week will have it's own theme.  This week, the focus will be rings.  So...

These are the antique pieces that I dream about and the baubles that I search for.  They are the pieces that are missing from my personal collection that I am on the hunt for.  And, to The Mr., if you are so inclined...they are the answer to the age old question of, "What do you want for Christmas?" 

The perfect Art Deco sugar loaf Sapphire & Platinum Ring like this example from Gatsby Jewellery, $3,828.13.
I'm still a huge fan of platinum & what I love about this ring is the high dome of the 4-carat sapphire
surrounded by the halo of diamonds set in platinum.  This is a statement ring without being your
typical halo sapphire ring.

A Buckle Ring unlike any other such as this perfect Victorian enamel & diamond example from Erstwhile Jewelry, $1,900.
Although this ring isn't my size (darn!), what makes it special is that it isn't like anything else.  There are a
lot of buckle rings but not many like this fascinating example.

An Art Deco Diamond Halo Ring is pretty common but this platinum example from Pebble & Polish is so unique, $9,000.
I love the graduating sizes of the diamonds & the little slice of skin that you will be able to see through the
halo & the large center diamond.  This is just a sexy ring!

The perfect Ruby Ring & the perfect Harp Ring are still musts on my list but this platinum beauty from Aletheia's Liar hits both, $2,450.
This simply amazing example of Edwardian provenance couldn't be more perfect if I had dreamed it up myself!  

A classic Braided Platinum Band has been on Wish List for quite sometime & it's too bad this example
from Britannia Jewelry isn't my size, $389.  I collect antique platinum wedding bands & have wanted a
braided band for years to go with the rest of my collection!

Diamond & Enamel Remembrance Ring is another 'white whale' of mine but this antique
from Gatsby Jewellery is perfect, $11,171.88.  I love the vibrance of the blue enamel coupled
with the Georgian old cut diamonds!

I've always wanted a Diamond Cluster Ring like this 2.93-carat example from Gold Adore, $10,845.
I just think this would be a fabulous righthand ring & that center stone is simply stunning!

Unusual rings have always been a downfall of mine.  This Diamond & Sapphire Platinum beauty
from Elizabeth's Era fits the bill, $2,600.  You don't see a lot of unusual cut stones but the
bold geometric look  of this ring is to die for!

An Antique Signet Ring is something that I have always wanted but I want one that's a bit different
so this 22k beauty from Franziska is ideal, $328.  I love this so much that I wouldn't even engrave
anything on the face.  It's just perfection!

Also by Franziska, this stunning Watch Ring in white gold is another ring that I have been lusting after, $985.
I just think these are so unique & fabulous!  Perhaps a bit kitschy but just oh-so-fun!

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  1. Thank you Tiffany for including Gold Adore's Cluster Ring! It is quite a fabulous piece!

    1. My pleasure, Gillian! It's a divine piece for sure and any woman would be lucky to own it!


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