Antique Jewelry Dreaming - The Necklace Edition

This is the second edition of my Antique Jewelry Dreaming Wish List.  Each week for the next five weeks will have it's own theme.  This week, the focus will be necklaces.  So, just as a reminder, these are the antique pieces that I dream about and search for.  They are the pieces that are missing from my personal collection.  And, are a hint to The Mr.!

This little Edwardian/Art Nouveau enamel & diamond Pear Necklace from Leola Revives is my
absolute favorite, $585.  I have dreamed about this 14k, circa 1900-1910 beauty since I
first saw it!  There is just something so adorably sweet about it & the little accent
diamond adds just a touch of sparkle.

This 1940s, Art Deco 14k white gold Watch & pearl Necklace from Ferguson's Fine Jewelry is so different, $995.
It's fun, a little firtly & just so different!  It makes me think in latin - tempus fugit.

Very Adman & Eve, this little 18k Art Nouveau Snake Pendant from Franziska is just full of detail, $598.
It looks as if the snake himself is about to take a bite out of that diamond!

Similar to a ring in last week's post, this 14k .57ctw Rose Cute Diamond Necklace
from Your Jewelry Finder is a unique halo design, $1,199.00.  I love the rose cut center
diamond & how a little skin pokes through the halo.  It has almost a compass look to it.

Speaking of compasses, there is this fabulous 15kt gold Victorian Rose Compass from MS Jewelers, $1,015.00.
The little seed pearl & blue enamel are the perfect contrast to the rich yellow gold.

A stunning Edwardian Amethyst & Platinum Necklace from Otherwise Engaged, $3,250.00.
Seriously, I have adored this necklace since I first saw it on her Instagram feed!  Frankly, I
can't believe someone hasn't snapped this up!  And let me tell you, redheads look fabulous in purple...

This little Victorian Turquoise Arrow & Bullseye cutie in 14K yellow gold is just too sweet for
words from Estate Jewelry Mama, $575.  I love the symbolism in this necklace...Think Bon Jovi's 'Shot Through the Heart."
How perfect for the love of your life?

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