Under Lock & Key

I know, I know.  The key motif has been hot for a while and is cooling off now.  But, I think it's important to look outside the box.  The key and lock motif has been a staple throughout history since the dawn of time.  But, like everything, it too has changed over time.

A set of 24k gold monogrammed wedding bands from Holy Harlot. The gold has been hand forged to
resemble ancient Greek jewelry & has the feel of having just been uncovered in an ancient
burial ground.  Personally, I even think this would be fabulous as right hand or thumb rings as well!

Nowadays, we think outside of the traditional definitions.  Locks have taken on more than just the function of securing your property.  They now secure us in our jewels with new shapes and styles.  The key too has grown from it's humble beginings as a way to open its corresponding lock to a representation of love.

Marla Aaron Jewelry's Greek Key bracelet in 18k gold and Sterling Silver with 18K Regular Lock, $4,100.
This bracelet by Marla Aaron hits it all - the well-known Greek Key design/engraving plus her signature Regular Lock!  

This Tiffany & Co. Silver & 18K Rose Gold Heart Key Locks Necklace Pendant Charm on eBay is
perfect for daily wear, $948.  I love this vintage necklace.  It's just the right amount of mixed
metal & the rose gold is a perfect non-traditional touch!

The Borgioni 18K Gold & Diamond Handcuff Bracelet is another of my dream accessories, $6,900.
I love the cheekiness of this lock bracelet & how perfect for someone in the law enforcement
field!  Or maybe even those with a little 'Fifty Shades' leanings...

This fabulous 14kt yellow & white gold Bangle featuring a Greek Key & Medusa design on eBay, $2,500.
I love a good, chunky cuff and this is perfect!

These amazing Lauren Klassen solid gold Padlock & Key Earrings are just ideal!  They definitely make
my "Must Have Wish List!"  A little bit rock-n-roll & the perfect amount of country chic.

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