Smitten - Dione London

I found today's designer in my Instagram feed and was taken with her sleek, simplistic and modern style right away!  I adore her use of color and the way that she looks at the gemstones in her pieces in new and innovative ways.  The way that her work expresses movement in a quiet, forceful way is priceless!

I know that if you haven't seen her work yet, you are going to crave it after you see a few of her designs that I am completely smitten with!  So be ready to add these perfect pieces from Deniz Gurdal, the amazing designer and creator behind Dione London to your gift giving (or gift receiving) list now!

What I love about Dione London's necklaces is the way they have simple lines that still convey
an extraordinary amount of visual movement.  Plus the mixture of colors is just 

The rings in the line are ideal for stacking & make will make a statement both alone or together!

I love all these necklaces by Dione London but I am so smitten with the moonstone & lapis right now!
I can just picture it layered with the ruby & moonstone necklace.  Both are tops on my "Wish List!"

Even the earrings are perfection!  Truly, every woman needs a pair of Dione London earrings
in her jewelry box!  They can't be more ideal for a night out on the town or a white tee & jeans
for a statement look!

I really enjoy the use of color in the line.  The rich colors & the buttery yellow gold are an amazing pairing!

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