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Jewelry is sentimental.  It's romantic.  It's art.  It's historic.  It's epic.  It's a love story.  Amazing jewels have been given as gifts for thousands of years. They have represented life events on humankind's timeline for generations.

My diamond & platinum wedding set (obviously the most traditionally sentimental piece of jewelry!) with an
amazing 1.5 ctw diamond & platinum Moi et Toi Ring from Jewels by Grace.  I think they compliment each other nicely!

I think that's why antique and vintage jewelry has always held such a place in my heart.  I love the amazing stories that those little jewels tell. Imagine the things they have seen in their tiny lifetimes and bits of history they represent.  The romances they've seen...The lifestyle changes they've witnessed...The ups and downs of the peoples' lives they were a part of.

I love the pave set diamonds & the milgrain details on both these rings.  The bezel settings of the larger diamonds
are stunning.  Moi et Toi Rings have such a romantic history, dating back hundreds of years.

I think that is what makes this stunning delivery from Jewels by Grace so special.  Nothing is more historically romantic than a Moi et Toi Ring!  Even the name, translated from French means, "Me and You."  (To see my Feature Friday Q&A with Grace Lavarro of Jewels by Grace, click here.)

Look at the amazing chunky facets of these old European cut diamonds!  They just look like little diamond pillows.
OEC diamonds were the primary diamond used in Art Deco designs of the 1920s - like this beauty.

And this special!  Not like your typical Moi et Toi or bypass ring, this ring is a little different because of it's north-south layout instead of the typical east-west layout that was the most common in the early 1900s.  This ring is so dynamic.  The north-south layout gives it such visual movement!

The Moi et Toi Ring with old mine cut diamonds pairs perfectly with another Jewels by Grace piece - An old
mine cut dianmond & white gold bangle, .61 ct.  The chunkiness of the old mine cuts is really quite
startling & so amazing at the same time!

So, as an engagement ring, what could be better?  As a right hand ring?  To remind you of the love of your spouse, your child, a long-lost friend...Imagine the possiblities!  (To see my original post on the history of the Moi et Toi Ring, click here.)

Two old European cut diamonds totaling 1.50 carats, H color & SI1 clarity in platinum airline bezels with
milgrain details with 0.15 carats of single & swiss cut diamond melee along the shank.

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