Stunning Deliveries - CJbijoux

Spring and summer is all about color!  The flowers, the clothes and (of course) the jewelry!  Everything is abloom!  

CJbijoux's stunning works are all individually handmade so each one is unique making them amazing gifts!

So when these stunning deliveries were deposited on my front porch, it was like a special jewelled bouquet delivery from one of my favorite designers, Catherine Ulanovski of CJbijoux!

I love the way Catherine's pieces are perfect for stacking!

The detailed craftsmanship; richly saturated gemstones and quality materials are just a few of the hallmarks of Catherine's work.  Personally, I adore her rings!  They are fabulous for stacking and can even mix-and-match with your existing rings.  Beautiful!

I love this cabochon Tourmaline Pendant with Diamond accent in 18k yellow gold with a hand-rubbed finish.
The color is such a rich, plumy color that just reminds me of summer drinks!

I love this amazing stunning blue Tanzanite Ring in 18k yellow gold.  The color is such a deep blue color
plus the way the stone is off-set on the band makes it ideal for stacking!  It's such a fun ring!

This Organic Band in recycled 14k yellow gold is anything but similar to the traditional or simple wedding bands
you're used to seeing!  The contrasting sharp edges with randomness of the angles plus the hand-rubbed texture &
smooth knife edges are just a stunning!  Bonus, it fits nicely under the Tanzanite Ring (above).

This stunning natural Tourmaline Ring in 18k yellow gold was a custom request.  Made to stack with the
other rings, I love how the natural inclusions add depth & a sense of awe to the gemstone.
Sometimes beauty is not found only in perfection but also in the imperfections!

(To see my original Feature Friday Q&A with Catherine Ulanovski, click here.)

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