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Ok, so the name of this blog is Inspired Antiquity.  In case you hadn't noticed, I have a thing for antiquities and I love the history of the pieces that I collect.  So I naturally fell for the work of Adrinna Hardy, the founder and brilliant mind behind Plum and Posey!  Their wax seal necklaces are just sheer perfection!  Not to mention the intrigue of the history behind each seal.

Each necklace is a sterling silver cast imprint of one of Adrinna's huge collection of antique wax seals.  Seriously, if you haven't seen them, you simply MUST!  I am completely smitten!  And as a bonus - they are all very reasonably priced so you can stack them all up on a single chain if you'd like!  How perfect is that?!?!

You Have the Key - From an early 19th century British wax seal, this pendant features a yew tree, text & a key.
Known as a 'Rebus,' this seal's message is actually a puzzle of images & words to make a message - ‘Yew have the key.’

Adoration - From an 18th century French wax seal, this seal features a flaming heart emblematic of an
everlasting love. The heart is pierced with two of cupids’ arrows symbolizing adoration, passion & desire.  Perfection!

Thistle - From an impression of an early 19th century British wax seal, this pendant showcases a thistle with the
French text, ‘Ne m'oubliez pas’ or ‘do not forget me.'  Thistles are emblematic of guardianship & remembrance.

Lion / Hinc Orior {'From Here I Rise'} - A British antique wax seal from the early 19th century where lions
are emblematic of one who is valiant of courage, strong of body & a foe to fear.

Compass - From a vintage wax seal in our collection, the compass embodies the four directions - ‘North, South, East & West.'
They symbolize courage, adventure & navigation & are meant to give direction & to help you steer to your path.

Heraldic Cross - From an impression of a French antique wax seal from the 1850’s.

Crowned Hearts - From a 1780’s British wax seal, a crown for loyalty & the attainment of ones dreams
adorns a pair of hearts symbolic of love & togetherness.  Lovely!

Arrow - 'Ou monter ou descendre' meaning 'I go up & down.'  From a French wax seal dating the the 1830's
I completely adore this one!  Honestly, it's hard to pick just one that I couldn't live without but this would be high on the list!

Challenge - 'L'Obstacle excite mon ardeur,' which translates to 'Obstacles excite me.'  From an 1830’s French
wax seal, this pendant features a horse escaping the paddock by jumping the fence.  Symbolic of strong
emotions & passionate desires, this piece also embodies one who is high spirited & loves nothing more than a challenge.
This one is also on top of my list!  Of course, it's perfect since I actually grew up riding horses!

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