George the Pirate

You how some times you just see something that makes you smile right off the bat?  It's kind of a silly thing and something that no one else might understand but it just brightens your day.  Naturally, diamonds are typically tops in this realm.  Then, of course, there are those jewels that have bright, happy gemstones.  But, this post isn't about any of those.  It's about a something a bit weird; a bit nontraditional and, maybe, even a bit morbid.


It's about George.  George the Pirate.  Who is 'George' and why is he a pirate, you ask?  George is a little labradorite skull from an insta-friend of mine, Alyssa Brownell - otherwise known as The Jewelry Altar.  And, once you meet him, I think you will understand why his dark spot of one eye makes me think he was once a pirate.

George is wearing his pirate patch.  I love the way the labradorite has a sheen in the sunshine.  Plus his smile
just seems like he has secret that he's dying to share.  (Yes, I just did that.)

I know, I know…Who thinks a little skull is happy?  Well, I guess for me, it's because George (as I have named him - and, No, I don't name all my jewelry…only George.) just seems like he has a story to tell.  

I found this fabulous chain for George.  The difference in colors & the lovely striations throughout....Love!

Perhaps, once upon a time, he was a feared pirate who smuggled contraband booze throughout the Caribbean Islands while raiding merchant ships as they stopped by the islands on their way to the mainland.  Or, perhaps, George was never a pirate after all.  Maybe he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Defender of the wronged and protector of the righteous who lost his eye in the heat of battle.  Then again, maybe George was just someone's "pet" who was loved so hard that his eye shot straight out of his head, like a stress ball - necessitating the patch.

George the Pirate is feeling a bit landlocked here in the Sonoran Desert,
but he is learning to enjoy the sunshine.

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