Stunning Deliveries - Eat Jewels

Admittedly, I have a fascinated with jewelry.  And, admittedly, my tastes run the gamut from antique and rustic to contemporary and bold.  So when this stunning beauty showed up on my doorstep from Anya Kyon at Eat Jewels on Etsy, I was taken right away!  

This vintage little ring is perfect for a more modern look and is great for stacking.  Not to mention the adorable little box that she shipped it in!  Be sure and check out Eat Jewels other vintage and estate pieces for sale on Etsy!

As if the14k yellow gold ring isn't beautiful enough, check out the adorable box it came in!

The two cross bars really allow for flexibilty.  I can wear it with the cross bar visible or even with the
cross bars hidden on the sides thereby making it appear as two seperate rings on my finger.

I love how the yellow gold glows in the Arizona sun against the sedona red of the rocks!

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