Ruby Lovin'

As the birthstone of July, rubies are considered the King of gems - representing love, health and wisdom.  It was believed that wearing a fine red ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner.  So I thought I'd share a little ruby eye candy in honor of July!

This stunning 4.10 carat natural ruby is set in solid platinum with approx. six carats of diamonds in a classic
Ballerina Ring from Ruby-Sapphire Store on eBay.  The diamonds are F color, VS clarity including baguette &
marquise shape diamonds, $17,500. 

This is a stuning antique Art Deco Ruby & Diamond Ring in Platinum from Keo Jewellers on eBay, $6,126.45.  These
calibre cut rubies are simply a work of art in & of themselves - not to mention the depth of their color!  Perfection!

Rubies come in a variety of hues from pink to blood-red color.  The red color of a ruby is caused primarily by the presence of the element chromium.  Its name comes from "ruber," the Latin word for "red."  It is not only the presence of chromium that gives the ruby its red hue but also what distinguishes it from the other gem-quality corundum or sapphires as they are otherwise known.

Can't you just picture this Ruby & Diamond Pendant Charm Pendant in 14K White & Yellow Gold from
Jewelry Treasures on eBay as part  of a layered necklace look, $750.

Not a vintage design but certainly one which is based on a fruit that has a long-standing place history - the pomegranate!
I adore this 
Pomegranate Necklace in 18 Karat Yellow Gold with Ruby Seeds by Artesserae Fine Studio Jewelry, $1,125.

Prices of rubies are primarily determined by their color.  The brightest and most valuable red hue is called blood-red, or "pigeon blood," and commands a larger premium over other rubies of similar quality.  After color then follows clarity.  Similar to diamonds, a natural stone free from inclusions will have a higher price tag.

This adorable Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Platinum ring offered by edbs2000 on eBay is perfect for a midi ring, $450.

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