A Little Bit of Equine Love

If you follow Inspired Antiquity on Instagram, then I'm sure you've figured out that I have a passion for equines (and dobermans - but that's a post for another day!).  I've ridden horses since I was an elementary school child.  It's been a passion that never died.  To this day, I still have a horse - a big, black Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse cross gelding named Runic Rayne.  I've had him since he was five years old; the equine equivalent of having a 1,300-pound a toddler.

Looking past my own love for the equine species, there has been a long-standing historical connection between man and horse.  They have stood with us in battle and carried us across continents as we settled our nation.  Horses have also been the motif used to decorate Greek urns or as the centerpieces of magnificent Roman fountains.  They, and their accouterments, have also been used to create amazing jewelry.

A lovely antique English, solid 15 carat gold bar brooch or tie pin of a shire-horse from CJ Antiques, $290.
The detail in the fur of this circa 1910 piece of artwork is just incredible!

Victorian Sterling Silver Sixpence Love Token from Kathleen-Gems13, $139.51.
This love token from 1893 is simple perfection!  The detail in the engraving demonstrates such craftsmanship.

14K Yellow Gold Equestrian Horse Snaffle Bit Ring from Cavalli Del Mar, $198.90.
This is such a classic design & one of my personal favorites!

Simple but bold equestrian 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant from Diamond Jims 4 Gold, $999.
Another perfect for layering piece with just enough bling!

From my personal collection, a cameo that I purchased on a trip to Pompeii, Italy with The Mr.
Set in sterling silver, this ring is one of my favorite posessions & reminds me of a great trip!

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