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I have a lot of friends who work in fields like law enforcement, fire services and in the medical profession where jewelry can become a danger or a place to harbor bacteria or contaminants if it's too big; stands too high; has lots of points or sharpish ends; and the like.  It doesn't mean that they don't like jewelry or don't enjoy wearing it - just that it's not safe for them to wear certain styles in the workplace.  

However, that doesn't mean that all jewelry is off-limits - just that it has to have certain properties in order to be acceptable in their workplaces.  I often get asked for ideas or examples of rings, necklaces or earrings that they can wear at work.  So I thought that I'd put together a suggestion list, in case other jewelry lovers have the same roadblocks!

And, of course, I'm painting with a broad brush here as not every position in every field has the same requirements.

For Medical Professionals:
Most of my nurse and doctor friends prefer "work jewelry" without a lot of filigree or crevices that are difficult to clean where bacteria can hide or build up and then, possibly, be transferred (accidentally, of course) to another patient, themselves or family members.

White & Yellow Gold DIamond Station Necklace - This vintage 3-station diamond necklace from
Bird on a Wire Antiques is perfect to add a little bling without dangling too low (16.5 inches) to create
a hazard & is easily tucked under a scrub top, $350.

Platinum, Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring - This eye-catching, emerald-cut tourmaline is bezel set
in a clean, platinum mounting that is accented by three full cut diamonds on each shoulder
from Ellen L. Ring, LLC, $3,350.  It's bezel setting makes it easy to clean by limiting the
areas under the stone. 

Bezel Set Diamond & Platinum Earrings - These amazing earrings from Beacon Hill Jewelers feature two larger
diamonds w
eighing approximately 0.65 carats each which sit on the bottom of the earrings & are attached to
two diamonds weighing approximately 0.22 carats each. Grading as exceptional VS1/2 clarity & E/F/G
color, the diamonds in these earrings are of absolutely stunning, $4,995.  These are perfect without the
dangle factor for a disoriented patient to grab onto.

For Fire Services Professionals:
This is a bit more difficult because you don't want exposed metal in to heat up while fighting a fire or get caught on something during a rescue situation and therefore injuring the rescuer.

Thin Red Line Band - This ring from Qalo, is perfect for the firefighter in your life (or for you!) because it is made
of medical-grade silicone making it safe to wear in an environment where static electricity would be
undesireable.  Additionally, this ring does not absorb chemical or biological contaminants & can easily be cut
off in an emergency, $24.99

Yellow Gold & Ruby Studs - These vintage, 14k yellow gold ruby earrings are perfect enough to add a little color but
their small nature also makes them perfect for fitting under a fire helmet.  Found on eBay, $145.

Fire Helmet Pendant - Created in 14k yellow gold, this pendant is a subtle way to show your firefighter pride
without something big or bulky under your turnout gear.  Found on eBay, $74.

For Law Enforcement Professionals:
Law enforcement has it's own unique challenges.  Given the population and the type of environment that they deal with, policewomen need jewelry that won't become a liability if they get into a physical confrontation with a suspect.

Edwardian Diamod Studs - These 1 carat studs are set in platinum from DB Gems & are perfect for law enforcement
officers because they do not create the grab-hazard that larger studs or dangle-style earrings would create, $3,650.

Wide DIamond Platinum Band - Found on eBay, this .85 carat diamond band is perfect because of the durable nature
of the material it is comprised of - platinum - but also because the flush-set diamonds.  It is perfect for law enforcement
professionals because it provides the bling but without the scratch hazard that other gemstone rings becase of their prongs
or the setting 
height, $4,200.

Art Deco Platinum & Gold Diamond CrossThis beautiful cross, found on eBay, is set with an old mine cut diamond in
the center & 16 old rose cut diamonds, $391.  It is perfect for law enforcement because in a profession such as
police officer, perhaps every officer needs a little extra protection in the line of duty!

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