Summer Colors!

Now that it's finally summer, I am so excited to see bold color and big gemstones out and about soaking up (and reflecting!) the sun.  After a dreary winter here in the Midwest and a west spring, it's about time for a little sunshine!  And, for my East coast and Northern friends, here's a little eye candy for you too!

An amazing Edwardian Amethyst & Platinum Necklace offered by my friend, Helen, at Otherwise Engaged, $3,250.
This necklace is nothing short of stunning!  I am completely in love with this piece & am so jealous of whomever the lucky
lady is who will some day call this necklace her own!

Antique Rainbow of Precious Gems Necklace offered from The Three Graces, on sale $5,125.
This stunning fringe necklace is 15k yellow gold & is the perfect Spring or Summer accessory for any
wardrobe. The gemstones include sapphire, ruby, garnet, amethyst, tourmalines, citrine,
blue topaz, spinel & white topaz in a double row with a single pendant drop.

Stunning earrings by one of my favorite designers, Pamela Harari, are 22kt Gold Red Tourmaline Ladder Earrings, $1,500.
I absolutely love Pamela's work & these earrings are perfect for summer!

Confetti Ring with large sapphires in 18k yellow gold by Polly Wales is a perfect summer ring, £2,980.
This ring just screams, "I'm here for the party!"  It's a definite summer must-have!

If you're going to talk about bright summer colors then you can't leave out Marla Aaron Jewelry's Enamel ROYGBV Cufflings, $650.
They are fabulous & are sheer perfection when it comes to your summer wardrobe!  I'm already making a list of my color preferences!
Aren't they just stunning?!?!  I just MUST have one!

Tanzanite, Tourmaline, White Moonstone & Peridot Ring in sterling silver & 22k yellow gold from CJbijoux gives a
light & airy feel, $290.  Lovely for everyday wear; it is ideal for just a spark of color to any outfit!

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