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Like every girl, I love diamonds.  But every girl also needs a little bit of color in their lives.  Personally, I think when it comes to color, the brighter the better!  So when this stunning delivery from Marajoyce Designs showed up on my stoop; I was ecstatic!  

I have always loved tanzanite!  When you can find just the right stone with just the right depth
of color...It's stunning!  These stones have a little bit of 
lavender in them which is fabulous in the sunlight!

Mara's work is stunning and the depth of color in the tanzanite in contrast to the 22k yellow gold....Amazing!  I first found Mara's work during a late night web search.  And immediately reached out.  (To read the original Feature Friday Q&A with Mara Yafe, click here.)  Her work is just wonderful and I know you'll love it as well!

What really adds to the character of the necklace itself is that it's not on your average, plain-jane chain.
The inclusion of the tanzanite beads with their natural variations just makes the whole piece, in my opinion!

In this photo, you can really see a bit of the lavender come out in the stone. Plus,
the little diamond at the termination of the pendant adds just enough extra sparkle.

The rich 22k yellow gold really sets off the tanzanite & makes the stone sparkle.
The large, handmade attached bail really allows for extra movement on the tanzanite
rondelle bead necklace.  Absolutely love it!

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