Jeweled Day Dreams

I've been spending a lot of time in the car lately but with that comes the opportunity to daydream.  So naturally, I daydream about jewelry!  Who wouldn't with some many amazing designers to choose from?!  

Here are a few of the favorites that I can't get out of my head lately:

Margery Hirschey Yellow Gold & Moonstone Necklace - I have wanted an amazing moonstone necklace ever
since I was a young girl & read the book, The Moonstone Castle Mystery, in the Nancy Drew series.
And, as the alternative birthstone for us June babies, the moonstone just has such a surreal appeal.

Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry's Cleopatra Necklace - This necklace is one of my favorites!  
I love the sense of movement that it evokes & the touch of sparkle!

Anthony Lent Fine Jewelry's Kiss Me Pendent - In 18k yellow gold & oxidized sterling silver is
fabulous!  Just a hint of a smirk...Reminds me of the Mona Lisa with a little secret to tell!

Vivasmtih Studio Tresor Bracelet - This oxidized Iron cuff fused with 20kt, 12kt gold, raw yellow topaz &
set in recycled 18kt gold is one of my dream pieces for sure!  I love the edge it has.  It's certainly a piece
that I must add to my collection!

Tap by Todd Pownell Caged Diamonds Necklace - I have coveted this necklace for years now.  It's truly an
interesting & unique piece.  The polished, cut diamonds contrast so beauitfully with the oxidized sterling silver
cage & the gold chain.  Truly wonderful!

Suzi Zutic Wheat & Braid Rings - Still some of the rings that I dream of!  They have this amazing rawness!
I can just picture them mixed with some of my vintage pieces.

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