I'm Baaaack!

If you’ve been following Inspired Antiquity on Instagram, then you have probably figured out that I took a “little” road trip a few weeks ago – which is why I’ve been mysteriously absent from the blog for a bit. I just needed to settle in a little.

I have wanted to relocate to the Southwest for quite some time. I’m a sunshine, sand and cactus kind of gal. So having Arizona as my new home-base is perfect! And, guess what else jewelry lovers?

The unofficial symbol of Arizona...at least to me!

It means that there will be some new adventures coming to the Day Trippin’ series as I explore my new surroundings and attempt to get my bearings! I’m also going to be adding some fun new series such as The Color Code, Do You See It and Artists’ Eyes. I’m hoping to do a few more interesting posts about the jewelry and its features or inspiration.

Plus, there will still be some of the regular features such as the Feature Friday interviews with some of my personal, favorite designers; the Smitten series with some of my newest obsession; Stunning Deliveries about some of my latest finds; and the Every Jewel Has a Story series with a little personal history on the sentimental pieces in my jewelry box.

And, of course - there's lots more jewelry to come in future posts!

So stay tuned because I really think that you are going to love some of the new things we’ve got coming!

(And, if you want to see the full photographic diary of my road trip to Arizona, check out the hashtag #InspiredAntiquityHeadsToArizona on Instagram.)

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