Smitten - Rose Ellen Cobb's Porcelain

Ok, I know...I normally write about gold, platinum or antique jewelry.  But, occasionally, I have written about some sterling silver or mixed metals pieces that are just so unusual that they grabbed my attention right off.  Well folks, this is one of those times!

I stumbled upon Rose Ellen Cobb through Twitter the other day.  My interest was peaked so off to visit her website I went!  That is when I discovered her porcelain works!  They are simple enough for everyday wear and classic enough to layer with just about everything!  What makes them really cool though is how she bases her designs on lace patterns and textures!  And, of course, then you have the whole mixed metals thing which totally sends me!

So scroll down to check out these stunning sterling silver, porcelain and gold designs by Rose Ellen Cobb that I am completely Smitten with! (And, P.S. - She's got a sale going on now!)

Three Dome Long Necklace - Porcelain, gold & oxidized sterling silver, £175.

Crochet & Porcelain Vintage Round Lace Earrings - Oxidized sterling silver, porcelain & gold, £160.

Dome Ring - Porcelain, gold & 100% recycled oxidized sterling silver, £160.

Porcelain Vintage Round Lace Necklace - Sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver chain with porcelain & gold, £70. 

Dome Drops with Hoop - Porcelain, 22ct gold in a glossy finish & oxidized sterling silver,  £125.

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