Stunning Deliveries - Stacey Lorinczi Jewelry!

One of the first Feature Friday Q&A's that I did was with a designer who is still one of my favorites!  Stacey Lorinczi of Lorinczi Jewelry creates the most amazing pieces inspired by nature. (Check out my original Feature Friday Q&A with Stacey, click here.)  

I love Stacey's pieces!  I already have one of her necklaces and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.  It is definitely a statement piece!  So imagine how excited I was when I found two Lorinczi Jewelry boxes on my doorstep!

Stacey's Oyster Ring is another perfect statement piece!  And, as a June baby, my birthstone is the pearl.
So these are are perfect for me.  Plus, as the type of gal who is a little nonconventional, I'm not big on the standard
pearl necklace style.  I like my pearls a little more raw & bold.  This ring is perfect for that!

Isn't kinetic jewelry just about the most fabulous?!  The Multiple Black Lip Shell Necklace makes the
most amazing tinkling sound when you wear it.  It kind of reminds me of the sound water makes when it falls on glass.

And especially in this winter weather, a little remind of summer is the perfect pick-me-up!  And what's a better reminder of summer than ocean-inspired jewelry?  Give me a chance to channel my inner-mermaid.

Stacey's Small Oyster Ring has long been one of my favorites!  Pearls are my birthstone & the small Oyster Ring
is the perfect size to be both a statement piece & something you can wear as part of a set.  Personally, I
also love that it is perfect to mix-and-match with some of Stacey's other pearl-centered pieces.

I also really like how the 'cup' of the oyster sits a bit lower than the edges of the ring
which offers some protection to the pearl itself.

Yet another awesome Stacey Lorinczi piece!  This amazing necklace has the natural shell elements that I love in
conjunction with the weight of the solid sterling silver pods.  Plus, to add just enough bling, each sterling
pod in embedded with little diamonds.  It's a long necklace with a lot of movement.  It also makes the most delicate
clinging sound - almost bell like.  Love!

This photo shows off the delicate dipped look that the sterling pods have with the 24k yellow gold
plating.  Really lovely!  Stacey's Black Lip Shell Necklace is about to become a fav of mine for those
nights out on the town!

And, for those of you who aren't as familiar with Stacey's work...Check out her new bridal line as well!  Trust me, you're going to die!

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