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I normally only write about platinum, gold or sterling silver but when I first saw these designs, I could not believe how stunning, unique and beautiful they were.  If there is one thing everyone knows by now it is that I love jewelry that is different; that shows craftsmanship and is artisan-made.  I think that jewelry is the perfect way to tell a story and to put a little bit of your deepest inner personality on display without going all Carrie on everyone around you.

So when I first saw Deborah Vivas' designs under the Vivasmith Studio name...Holy. Cow.  That was it.  That was all I could say.  Her designs utilize mixed metals (which you already know I'm a huge fan of!) and raw stones.  But what makes them even more unique is the fact that her's aren't your typical mixed metals.  She uses iron, gold and sterling silver.  Yup, you heard me...IRON!  Let me just say, Iron Man ain't got nothin' on Deb!  

Vivasmith Studio

Although her website is still under construction, you can follow her on Facebook to keep up on her amazing designs.  And, with Valentine's Day just around the can consider this an iron-clad hint!

Um, can you say, "Perfect?!?!"  This is definitely tops of my Valentine's Day Wish List.  (Hint, hint to The Mr.!)  This cuff is made of textured oxidized iron that has been salt water etched & fused with 20kt, red 18kt & green 12kt (electrum alloy) gold. The two inch width is perfect & gives off this fabulous rock-n-roll vibe.  Isn't it just stunning?!

Oxidized iron that has been salt water etched & fused with 20kt gold on a 14kt gold necklace. The pendant size is 2.25 inches by 1 inch.  Amazing!  It has a very DNA look to it.  Maybe a subtle reminder that all matter comes from the Earth?

Another of my Valentine's Day Wish List pieces...if it were only a half size larger! Textured & oxidized iron fused
with 20kt gold with an oxidized sterling silver shank & a raw yellow Topaz from Brazil set in 18kt recycled gold.
The ring size is 6-1/2.  Isn't it amazing & so unique?!?!  This embodies what has me completely smitten by Deb's
work; it is so different & creative.  The mix of raw materials & unique metals is something that makes her hard to ignore!

Like a fingerprint, each of the pieces created by Vivasmith is a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art.  This ring
very much has that fingerprint feel in the t
extured & oxidized iron fused with 18kt red gold holding a reclaimed
champagne CZ.  The ring size  6 1/2.  

Deborah's pieces all have a very organic & geometric feel to them.  Something that appeals to me but also makes
them easy to mix & layer with my antique or vintage pieces.  This f
air trade African aquamarine ring in sterling
silver is a perfect example of a hand fabricated masterpiece.

This Vivasmith beauty is another of my Valentine's Day Wish List hints!  It is her newest ring  & is also made
with oxidized iron & gold with a green tourmaline as the final flourish.

A truly artisan piece, this ring utilizes reclaimed cherry wood, reclaimed pearl & sterling silver.  It is hand fabricated,
making it truly one-of-a-kind.  Something that not everyone will have the luxury of wearing.  The fact that Deborah
utilized reclaimed materials in many of her designs just makes me adore them that much more!

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