Stunning Deliveries - Chinchar/Maloney!

When these deliveries showed up on my porch the first time, I was in awe.  Now that they've shown up on my porch a second time.....I'm ecstatic!  I saw this set in real life the first time when it was on loan to us for the Special Olympics of Missouri photo shoot.  I've admired the jewelry of Chinchar/Maloney since even before my interview with Marian for the Feature Friday Q&A that we did.  

From our Special Olympics of Missouri photo shoot with one of our stunning models!  She wears them much
better than I but they still hold a sentimental value to me as a reminder of these amazing ladies & the great time we had!

But when these showed up this time, I just couldn't contain my excitement!  What I love about this set is the truly artistic nature of it.  It is truly an everyday statement set!  You can wear them with anything for an amazing boho-chic look or a classic beige suit to amp up the flair.

The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year is "Marsala."  So, the Bohemian garnet in this piece is right on trend!
Plus, I just love lapis lazuli!  The lapis & garnet is wrapped in stunning yellow gold in a thick sterling silver band.

The ring has a very "Queen of the Nile" feel to me.  I really adore the mixed metals look.
It makes the piece very versatile.  I have a platinum wedding set that I almost never take off so
mixed metals jewelry that can still blend with my wedding set is just fabulous for me.  

The necklace is solid yellow gold with the matching Bohemian garnet & lapis.  The garnet
has a lot of movement hung from the lapis.  It has a ton of character& I just adore how the whole
set can transition between daily wear to formal wear (as illustrated by the model in the first photo).
Versatility is key for me when it comes to wardrobe.  I love it when a piece can go with multiple styles of clothing!

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