Smitten - Yossi Harari Jewelry

Everybody loves a vacation.  Well, when I saw this designer's pieces for the first time, they reminded me of a vacation.  The richness of the 22k yellow gold that he uses in his designs as well as the beautiful gemstones reminds me of the carefree, relaxed vibe that you get when you're on a Mediterranean vacation.  Which, of course, makes sense when you know that this designer is opened his first location in Istanbul where they are still being created.  So who is this designer that I am completely Smitten with who crafts his pieces from a variety of metals and who is inspired by the spectacular influences of the region where he comes from?

Well, it's none other than Yossi Harari!  And, I think once you see some of his amazing pieces, you will be completely Smitten with him too!

Paraiba tourmaline set in handcrafted 24k gold by Yossi Harari.  From his Collection #13.

Cuff & Necklace both in 24k gold.  The necklace also has diamonds set in oxidized sterling silver.  From his Collection #4.

The detail work on these is just amazing.  The yellow gold is beautiful & has such a rich color.

Aren't these earrings just amazing!

The color is the stones that Yossi chooses just slays me!  Absolutely stunning!

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