Family Is....

I have been wanting to post photos of this piece ever since I conceived the concept and started sketching it months ago!  I was asked by a very good friend to create a pair of unique necklaces as a Christmas gift for her sister.  But...She wanted a pair of them that were similar without being matchy-matchy.

So here's the initial (rough) sketch of the "Sisters Necklaces" utilizing vintage wedding bands as the interlocking loops
that, when soldered together, resemble an infinity sign - the perfect sign for family!

I just love everything about these necklaces.  They are sentimental.  They utilize vintage pieces; giving them a new life and chance to be loved!  The focal point of each necklace is the mirror image of the other.  Perfect for two sisters!  

I am so pleased with how these necklaces turned out.  They compliment each other without looking
identical which, I think, gives it a more subtle appearance than your standard half a heart family-style necklaces.

What I love the most about these necklaces is that inside one of the bands, half a quote has been hand-engraved.  Together, like family, each half completes the other.  And, my friend who commissioned them picked out the quote that she wanted engraved inside the bands:

"Family is not something...It is everything."

One sister preferred white gold and the other loved yellow gold.  None of the component pieces for these necklaces were purchased new making them the epitome of a "green" new design.  Each of the vintage engraved wedding bands dates to the 1920s to 1930s.  The simple, plain bands are more recent designs dating to the mid-1970 to 1980s.  Same thing for each of the chains.

The yellow gold necklace with the yellow gold engraved wedding band dating to the 1930s.

I hope that these two amazing sisters both loved their necklaces!  I know that I am completely smitten with them!

The white gold version with a simple box chain necklace & engraved white gold wedding band dating to 1925.

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