A No-Pressure Valentine's Day

Every year on the same date, in the same month, I think every guy in the U.S. has a nervous breakdown.  No other holiday seems to have the gift-giving pressure of Valentine's Day.  Let's face, on this one holiday more than any other, the gift is what delivers the message.  If you give a gift the doesn't demonstrate a lot of forethought and consideration, it tells the recipient that your feelings aren't that deep.  If your gift is over-the-top then it your run the risk of making her feel guilty that she didn't go all-out on your gift.  

Then, of course, there is always the nerve-wracking sensation of a new relationship where the first Valentine's Day together is fraught with gift-giving dangers!  Spend too little and she may think that you undervalue her.  Spend too much and she may think that you are taking the relationship more seriously than she is.

Well never fear, I've put together a Valentine's Day Gift Guide that will fit every price range and will be sure to deliver whatever message you can't seem to put into words!

Lozenge-Shaped Victorian Lover's Eye Brooch offered by FOURTANE available on 1stdibs, $5,375.
In the Victorian era, miniatures of a lover's eye were painted & given as gifts as a reminder that their lover was 
always looking over them.  Highly collectible & rare, these are the perfect gift for either a new or 
established relationship with the woman who both loves jewelry & history!

Handmade 18k white gold & diamond X's & O's Earrings from Shah & Shah Distinctive Jewelers.
These earrings are perfect for a new relationship.  The deliver the message, "I really, really, really like you!
I think I might even love you."  Plus, they have a very classic appeal.

Heart Lock in 14k Rose Gold by Marla Aaron, $675.
This is an awesome Valentine's Day gift for the love of your life.  They are also available in yellow or
white gold & sterling silver.  Plus the lock mechanism can be customized with a six word messge, date, your names or
your childrens' names.  To make them especially unique, you can even pick the type of chain for both
a necklace or a bracelet.  This is a great gift for a long-term committed relationship.  It tells your
special lady that she has your heart; is your one & only & that you will never stop loving her.

Cupid Necklace in sterling silver with a yellow gold arroow tipped with diamond by Workhorse Jewelry, $437
This necklace is also available in sterling silver only for $172.  The sterling silver only version is perfect for a
new relationship because it says, "Hey - I really like you!" without being too over the top.  The mixed metal version
is ideal for the woman who likes jewelry with a little bit of funk & edge to it but who is also sentimental without
being overly girly.  Personally, I love the mixed metal version.  Plus it is a great everyday layering piece!

Antique Edwardian 15k Gold Double Heart Bow Ribbon Pearl & Turquoise Brooch from Waterside Dream on Ruby Lane, $895.
This adorable brooch is perfect for any woman who loves antique jewelry.  The entertwined hearts are great for any length
relationship.  They symbolize a deeping caring & long-lasting relationship (or the hope of one!).

Original Framed ID Tag Charm by Heather Moore Jewelry is in sterling silver with a 14k rose gold frame, $385.
This charm is wonderful!  The message it delivers is pretty straightforward.  Any woman would love it!  I know
that I would. Not to mention, it is so adorable to add to any charm necklace which makes it a great gift to build
on for other holidays as well!

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