2015 Trend Predictions

With Award Season kicking off over the last couple of weeks, there's been a lot of coverage of who wore what.  Since I'm more of a do-your-own-thing kind of person, I've decided to focus on other jewelry-inspired posts.  That's not to say that there won't be an occasional post about some particularly stunning look or piece of jewelry that just caused me to have a serious heart issue but you won't see a lot of back-to-back award show posts.

Even though we're halfway through January, the beginning of a new year is still a time for planning and evaluating your personal objectives for the upcoming months.  Well, I'm planning alright!  I'm planning for what I think the big trends of 2015 are going to be.  And if they aren't...Well then, they should be!  So check out my picks for the on-point trends for this year!

Vintage / Estate Pieces
Art Deco and Edwardian styles are still going to be big for 2015.  But even bigger, is going to be the ongoing trend of vintage and antique jewelry.  "Going green" is a way to not only help the environment (and what better way to do that then buy antique jewels!?) but I think people are still going to fall for the old love stories.  And I don't blame them!  There is nothing cooler than adding your own history to another piece that has already been loved.

Everyone needs a pair of earrings that they can pull out for any event or can rock with a pair of jeans & boho chic top.
Yes, these diamond, platinum & seed pearl Edwardian earrings may seem fit only for formal wear but trust
me - they will look fabulous with EVERYTHING!  From Craig Evan Small on 1stDibs, at $4,500 they are a steal!

Oh. My. Gawd.  I have died & gone to heaven with this circa 1910 Edwardian Amethyst Pendant offered by
The Three Graces is a dream come true!  The craved detail is stunning & perfect for any outfit, $3,750.

When it comes to colored stones, I feel like bigger is better!  I love bold stones, antique settings &
this Aquamarine Ring offered by A Pocket of Rocks on Etsy is the perfect combination of both, $985.

Enamel Work
If it wasn't big in 2014, it's going to be HUGE in 2015!  And it's going to be bold and a bit irreverent.  Which makes it all the more fun!  Plus, it's perfect for every season and a fun way to stack those wrists!

This is one of my favorite pieces!  I love the subtly but the little bit of spark behind it.  By Alison Lou,
the Red Enamel Lip Ring comes in white or yellow gold, $900

From the Queen of enamel work, the amazing Holly Dyment is this amazing Evil Eye Ring.  I'm a huge fan of evil
eye jewelry.  I can be a bit superstitious so I figure the more protection that I can get; the better!

Another awesome piece from Alison Lou, her Love U Cuff in yellow gold is the perfect stacking piece & the
most wonderful Valentine's Day gift to be found (hint, hint!), $2,400.

Mixed Metals
Ok, this is one of my personal favs.  There has been a an ongoing trend in the use of oxidized sterling silver in jewelry designs lately.  But, I foresee a wider approach by introducing more and more metal varieties such as brass to the jewelry mix.  I love how some designers are using precious stones with these nontraditional metals.  It is sublime!

I admit it, I have a total girl crush on these cuffs from Laurie Kaiser Jewelry!  They are the perfect mix of
bad girl / good girl!  The ideal cuff to rock a pair of jeans.  Honestly, I couldn't even choose a favorite
because they are all so fabulous!

You met the Queen of Enamel, now meet the King of MIxed Metals - Todd Reed of Todd Reed
Jewelry.  Todd's 18k yellow gold, palladium & raw diamond cube Bracelet is one of my favorites.  I love the rough,
chunky feel of it.  Perfect for stacking!

One of my new favorite jewelry designers is Kristin Laing of Kristin Laing Jewelry & this necklace has got to be a
must-have layering piece!  The s
olid 14k yellow gold & deep gray-brown bezel set Rose Cut Oval Diamond Necklace
is perfection, $398.  It's just the most adorable necklace for everyday wear!

Artisanal Pieces
Continuing the trend, and in praise of individuality, there are some fabulous artisanal statement pieces out there.  These pieces tend to be handcraft and one-of-a-kind.  In many ways they are bespoke, custom pieces with a huge visual impact.  They are some of my favorites for 2015!

This stunning 14k gold Honeycomb Bracelet from MayaMor on Etsy is available in yellow, white or rose gold & is
truly a statement piece that is perfect for that special date night, $3,480.  

This .74 carat rose cut pear Diamond Ring in Rose Gold is from one of my personal favs - Chinchar Maloney, $2,990.
It is the perfect artisanal classic.  The wide east-west bezel setting is what makes this ring!  I think this ring is
great not only as an engagement ring but also as a right hand ring or a stacking ring.

I am in love with these opal, lapis & 18k yellow gold earrings by Claire van Holthe Jewellery!
They definitely have the I-can't-wait-until-summer vibe going for them.  They are perfect. They
are bold.  They are organic.  They are unique.  All of which is exactly why I predict that aristanal made pieces
are going to continue to be huge in 2015 & surging even more in popularity in 2016.

Matching Without the Matchy-Matchy
Gone are the days of perfectly matched suites of jewelry.  Remember the days when everything from the ring to the necklace to the earrings were identical matches of one another?  Then the trend evolved into matching stones.  Well, now, it's all about making sure that the jewels go together but aren't matchy-matchy.  And, this trend isn't limited just to gemstones!

Could these 22k gold tourmaline & diamond earrings by Margery Hirschey be anymore perfect???  See how they aren't
identical matches but yet they go together SO well.  It's fun & fresh without looking immature.  I think that is
why this trend is going to continue well past 2015.

The Siobhan Perma-Stacked Ring by Wendy Brandes Fine jewelry is a fabulous example of how this trend works
without gemstones.  The slight oxidized look on each ring unites them visually.  Perfection!
And, it's currently on sale at more than half off, $1,000.

These are the perfect pendants for layering with one another.  They match without being too matchy-matchy.
They are by Sam Woehrmann Jewelry Design & are about to become some of my new favorites!  They are most
certainly pendants that you can not go wrong with!

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