#StartedMyObsession Winner - Marla Aaron

This October, Inspired Antiquity decided to host a month-long contest, with the hashtag #StartedMyObsession, focusing on the sentiment that jewelry holds in our every day lives; about how it touches our memories and sometimes even starts us on our life's path.  And, the winner would have the chance to be featured in a future blog post.

I wanted to know what was that started your obsession with jewelry?  What was a driving influence in that passion and sentimentality?  How has it influenced you?  What did it teach you?

So the winner, Marla Aaron, was announced mid-November and this is her winning entry:

"I'm visiting my Nana today in Boston. One of the most elegant women I know. This is a porcelain bowl in her dining room. When she comes home from work (yes people she still works at 90!) she takes her jewelry off and plops it in this bowl. It is all "the good stuff" and I have to say my toughest customer. Last year, she finally started wearing one of my gold heart locks after we (finally) found a chain that met with her approval."

What struck me, visually, about Marla's Instagram entry was the dignity of it all mixed with just the tiniest bit of (for lack of a better word...) irreverence.  I just loved how the jewels all have such a refined look but are all haphazardly laid together.

So what's their story?  With jewelry this wonderful, I feel like I should start the narrative with, "Once Upon a Time..."  But real story is best told in the jewels themselves!

Marla's grandmother Anita (best known as 'Nana') has an amazing jewelry collection.  She turns 91-years-old in a few weeks and is still working in a jewelry store in Boston, Mass. where she lives.  According to Marla, Nana "has very discerning tastes" and is really one of the driving individuals who started her fascination with jewelry.

Some of Marla's most vivid memories include the 18K rose gold articulated necklace that looks like match sticks as it cascades down your chest with alternating rubies and sapphires that her Nana wears.  Someday, Marla would like to recreate the necklace for her own personal collection.  Another beautiful piece that Nana has is a "huge aquamarine that she always wears" with the most stunning blue color.  (I think if you look closely, you can see it in the photo!)

Marla (left) with Nana - And, she's wearing the rose gold articulated ruby & sapphire necklace.

One of the pieces that is most sentimental to Marla now is an amazing Georg Jensen sterling silver heart that was a gift from her Nana years ago.  Perhaps it's fitting that Marla's favorite gift was a heart - a symbol of love.  Even more fitting is that Marla gave Nana a gold heart lock from her collection.

"The hardest part was finding a chain that met with her approval.  We finally found a heavy, beautiful sterling silver one that was perfect," Marla said.

But what is Nana's favorite piece from her own collection?

"That's easy.  I know this answer without even thinking about it," Marla said.  "It's the simple gold wedding ring from my Grandpa that they were married with."

Marla's grandfather always loved to buy Nana jewelry.  "He would always buy her the most beautiful things," she said.

And from the salad bowl that some of her most favorite pieces get deposited in every night, it's obvious that Marla's Nana does have some of the most beautiful pieces!

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  1. Wow. Thanks Tiffany! This is wonderful! And Nana is a total inspiration....
    Now if I can only get her to wear a Moonlock we'll be all set...

    1. My pleasure! Your Nana sounds pretty amazing! Fingers crossed that she'll get excited about the Moonlock too!


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