"Divorce Diamonds"...What!?

I love a good treasure hunt!  I mean, if you like antique jewelry then it's pretty much a given that you must be the type of person who enjoys the 'hunt' as much as you enjoy finding that amazing piece.  Sometimes, the 'hunt' isn't about an entire piece so much as it is for all the components or gems that you need for a particular project.  I love the idea of recycling old, broken or outdated pieces into something with a modern look and giving them a new life.

A .41 carat trillion cut diamond, G color & VS2 clarity that I have collected over the past couple
of years for a special project that I am working on.

Well, I've been on the hunt for some very specific diamonds for a special project for about two years now.  I have been searching for brilliant cut diamonds ranging from .30 carats to .41 carats that are all G or H in color and VS (or better) in clarity.  Plus, I've been looking for one in every shape!  It's been a long process, but now I'm hunting for the last two stones!  The final holdouts have been a radiant and a cushion cut.

Seven of the 11 diamonds that I need for my project.  Front to back, left to right: oval, pear & heart;
emerald & princess & on the back row are the round and the marquise.  All are modern brilliant cuts in
the G-H color range, VS clarity or better & weighing between .30 to .41 carats each.

Now, here comes the real kicker...I only want diamonds that are the product of a bad, or ended, relationship.  WHAT?!?!  Yes, you heard me.  I want those diamonds that most new brides-to-be want to stay away from.  Brides-to-be can be a superstitious bunch and they don't want diamonds with any "bad mojo" or left over from their soon-to-be new hubby's previous relationships.  Well, I want to give those diamonds some new mojo!

Asscher cut "Divorce Diamond" for my project.  Nine down only two more to go!

So through the course of this hunt for what I have been calling "Divorce Diamonds," I have gotten to talk to, and know, some amazing women.  I've listened to their stories and although I've gotten my fair share of looks from some women when I tell them about my little "Divorce Diamonds" project, many have shared their stories about how they 're-fabbed' their diamonds from a marriage gone wrong.  And some of them have been pretty darn creative!

In case you're curious about my "Divorce Diamonds" project, stay tuned to see the finished project in a future post once I'm finally able to track down those two lone hold-outs! And, if you happen to be in possession of a .30 to .41 carat radiant or cushion cut diamond of G or H color and VS (or better) clarity that is in need of a new home, then email me at inspiredantiquity@yahoo.com!

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