An Intro - Through Creative Eyes: Up & Coming

There's been a lot of eye candy in the last 130+ posts and I've had a blast interviewing some pretty amazing designers!  But as I was exploring my Instagram feed one day, I stumbled upon this amazing feed from a jewelry design student in England.

Her Instagram feed got me thinking...Every well-known designer, architect or painter all started out as students at some point.  And, I know a few who would even still say that to this day - decades later - they still feel like "newbies" in their fields; that you should never stop learning and never stop being the student.  So it gave me one of those 'lightbulb moments' that sometimes happen.

This is one of the photos from the Instagram feed that got me thinking...

And....a new (hopefully) regular feature was born!  There won't be a regular publication schedule like our Feature Friday Q&As.  But any time I happen upon a jewelry design student who's portfolio demonstrates a unique creativity - I want to recognize them for the stunning up-and-comers that I think they are!  

These new posts will be tagged as the Through Creative Eyes: Up & Coming feature.  There will even be a new page accessible from the Inspired Antiquity homepage taking you directly to their posts.

So I hope that you enjoy seeing how the creative proceess works in the mind of a new deisgner!  My desire is that you can experience the excitement, fear and hope that these talented young people through their very own eyes!

If you're a jewelry design student or apprentice and would like the opportunity to be featured, email me at with samples from your portfolio for a chance to be interviewed for a future segment!

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