Stunning Deliveries - White Gold & Old Mine Cut Diamond Bangle!

Back in August, I wrote about another stunning delivery that came to my doorstep....a light yellow, old mine cut .61 carat diamond (you can see the original post here).  At the time, I was in love with the diamond - just not the setting.  I wanted to do something a little different with it.

Here's the little beauty removed from its traditional yellow gold basket setting. The
chunky facets of this stone are what got me - it just has tons of character!

But, I had no idea what that "something a little different" would be.  And then...I saw these bangles from Jewels by Grace when Grace and I were discussing her Feature Friday Q&A.  So long story short...I thought it would be fabulous to have this little stone filled with character get a new life in one of her bangles.

That choice made, then the tough decisions really started!  Should I do all white gold, all yellow gold or a mixture of both?  In the end, I decided that I'd let Grace choose for me once she saw my little stone.  Yup, always trust the professionals!

These bangles by Grace are amazing!  They don't slide around on the wrist so the
diamond is on full display on top of your wrist.  Perfect for everyday wear!

I chose the heavier gauge band & love how it sets off the heavy stone.  I think the white gold
looks amazing & softens the light yellow of the stone.  The bezel setting also protects the stone &
doesn't catch on anything the way a prong setting might.  These bangles are amazingly comfortable.  I
often forget that I had it on because it fit my wrist so perfectly.

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  1. I am amazed to see that you decided to capture the photos of your bangles within leaves. I have to agree that it was a fantastic idea and it is looking really beautiful.

    1. Thanks Timothy! I love to photograph the jewelry that I write about in unusual settings. I really think of jewelry as artwork and so I feel that it should be showcased in the photos - not me. :) Plus I, personally, think it's harder to picture what the piece would look like on yourself when you have a picture in your head of how it looks on someone else.


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