What Every Woman Needs...Especially an Olympian!

Jewelry is like the frosting on a cupcake.  It's what transforms an outfit - and sometimes us.  I mean, let's admit it...As a woman, jewelry allows us try on different personalities from that of flower child or a free-spirited, outdoorsy type to rough-and-tumble biker babe or rock-n-roller with attitude!  

Jewelry has a way of making people stop & take notice...No matter how tough the audience is!

So when it comes to jewelry, there are just some staple pieces that every woman needs to have in her jewelry box to compliment her full cadre of looks!  And, when it comes to showing off amazing jewelry looks, who better than these stunning Olympians from the Special Olympics of Missouri!  

So sit back and enjoy these one-of-a-kind looks from Inspired Antiquity and our sponsors / donors: Laurie Kaiser Jewelry, Chinchar/Maloney and Marla Aaron Jewelry!  (Be sure to click the photos to make them larger.)

The amazing models are (from left): Tanya, Tiffany & Danielle...plus a few new friends
that we found hanging out at the Nelson-Atkins Museum here in Kansas City, Missouri!

The "New" Classics
Some things never go out of style and are the basics that every woman needs for a sophisticated, yet casual, jewelry look.  These 'classics' are the crisp, white tee and LBD of every jewelry wardrobe.  They look good with everything.  They are the go-to pieces of your jewelry collection.

Tiffany is modeling one of my favorite, "new" classics - stacked birthstone braceletsin sterling silver by Chinchar/Maloney.

Tiffany would like everyone to know that she is a fun, fun, fun person who likes meeting new people.

Tanya shows off another "new" classic here, necklaces that can be worn as a single, long strand or
looped as she's done here with the "Calcite Flower Buds" necklace with a regular Sterling Silver lock by Marla Aaron.

Tanya was born here in Missouri & enjoy bowling.  I suspect that she would best me at the bowling alley any day!

A Statement Piece(s)
Just like every jewelry box should have some classic, goes-with-everything pieces, it should also include those big, bold baubles that make a statement.  Those eye-catching pieces that not only make you smile but also make a big impact.  They show off the fun-loving side of your personality.

Tiffany is wearing the 'Crazy Pants' necklace with brass lock by Marla Aaron Jewelry.

Tiffany loves purple & her favorite memory is of the medals that she recieved at the National Competition for
Special Olympics.  Her dream job would be to teach children with special needs.

Danielle knows how to go bold by wearing a 50-carat, smokey topaz ring & a matching 10-carat, star-cut smokey
topaz in sterling silver by Inspired Antiquity.

Danielle is a cat & dog lover whose favorite color is red.  She loves vacationing in Destin, Florida.

The Splurge
Because you're worth it.  Yup, you heard me - You. Are. Worth. It.  You know how you have one pair of jeans or an outfit that can immediately change your mood from 'meh' to 'yea!' instantly?  You should also have a pieces of jewelry (or two...or three...) that immediately transforms your mood and makes you just feel decadent.  As a woman, you are a superhero!  And, you are worth it! 

Tanya is wearing the Trellis Earrings in yellow gold with diamond accents by Laurie Kaiser Jewelry.

Tanya's favorite color is blue & she enjoys going to movies, walking, track & field events as well as picnics.
She would like people to know that she is a nice, kind-hearted person who enjoys meeting new people.

Danielle is wearing a labradorite strand necklace with a regular brass lock by Marla Aaron.  The labradorite
has such a rich, decadent depth of color that is complimented by the brass lock.

Danielle's dream job is to be a veterinarian & her favorite subject in school was art.  You can certainly see
her artistic flair here!  But in the meantime, she's quite happy to be working at Price Chopper.

Because you're not a pumpkin...or a fairy godmother.  You won't turn into a pumpkin at midnight and sometimes you just don't have enough time to change every part of your outfit before heading out.  These are those pieces that can take a simple sheath dress and push it over-the-top for a black tie affair.  Or, turn a simple date night dress into something a little more formal, perfect for a business dinner.

Danielle is wearing the "Caterpillar Pearl" necklace with sterling silver heart lock by Marla Aaron
wrapped around her wrist.  It's perfect for a layered look with a white tee & blue jeans by day or
wrapped as an amazing statement bracelet by night, as seen here.

Danielle's proudest memory this year, graduating from high school.  Way to go, Danielle!

Tanya is wearing a custom piece by Inspired Antiquity featuring over 200 carats
of natural emeralds & 1 carat of diamonds in white gold.  Here, she's showing it off with a
simple cocktail dress but it looks just as great with a pair of jeans & tee!

Tanya's favorite vacation spot is Florida.  Hopefully she gets to visit again soon!

Personally, one of my favorite types of jewelry is anything unique and artisan-made. Those one-of-a-kind pieces make me feel like I could stand out in a crowd.  As if I have my own little secret about this amazing designer that I am just not ready to share with the rest of the world yet.  Well...I guess I'll give it up and share this "secret!"  

Tanya is wearing a complete set (earrings, ring & necklace) by Chinchar/Maloney featuring a
large, rose-cut lapis & Bohemian garnet wrapped in yellow gold.

Born in Missouri, Tanya's favorite subject in school was reading & she loves dogs!

Tiffany is wearing a 50-inch aquamarine strand with a sterling silver baby lock by Marla Aaron.

Tiffany's favorite subjects in school were history & math. 

So what's your jewelry box missing?  

Did you see a look that you're dying to get your hands on from our photo shoot?  All of these looks are available through any of our sponsors and donors.  Be sure and visit their websites to get the look for yourself!

Our Sponsors & Donors
Marla Aaron Jewelry 
Laurie Kaiser Jewelry

Liz Ogle Photography - all the photos in this post
Nick Atwell Photography

Styling, Hair & Make-Up:
Salon Ami & Day Spa - hair and make-up
Janay A. Handmade - styling and accessories

Support Services:
Independence Limo Servicelimousine service
Widow Sons Motorcycle Club - props & support

Gift Bags:
Janice Campbell
Shelley Peterson
Linda En
Marla Aaron Jewelry 

And, I would also like to say "Thank You!" to the dozens of volunteers who participated in the shoot by either donating dresses or volunteering their time to help out.  It would not have been possible without you. 

*Stay tuned for a future post with behind-the-scenes footage by Nick Atwell Photography and my thoughts on the amazing time that we had shooting all these looks with these stunning Olympians.

I want to personally thank these amazing young women for being an inspiration.  We should all aspire to embody their example - to love completely; live fully & enjoy the stunning, simple pleasures that happen every day. It was truly my honor.  Thank you, Ladies! ~ Tiff

The looks, from left:  on Tiffany, both necklaces by Marla Aaron; on me, short sterling silver baby lock necklace by Marla Aaron & long opal necklace by Laurie Kaiser; on Tanya, looped necklace by Marla Aaron & sapphire wheel necklace by Inspired Antiquity & finally, on Danielle, aquamarine necklace by Marla Aaron & short diamond solitaire necklace in platinum by Inspired Antiquity.

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  1. All these ladies are looking beautiful. I like the smoky topaz ring and aquamarine strand the most.

    1. Thank you, Anne! The aquamarine strand is by Marla Aaron Jewelry (the link is in the article) and the smokey topaz ring is a vintage piece that will be going up for sale in the Inspired Antiquity Etsy Shop ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/InspiredAntiquity?ref=hdr_shop_menu ) shortly - If you're interested!

    2. Thanks Tiffany !!! sure wanna have this smoky topaz.:)

    3. My pleasure, Anne! The ring is now in the shop with all it's details for $110 plus shipping. Enjoy! :)


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